We’ve all watched a live cam show at one point in our life or the other. Some people find it very entertaining, and even a better experience than porn, while others don’t like the idea of watching another person over the webcam.

We always tend to think that personal contact is the best way to go when it comes to sexual satisfaction, no matter if you’re in a relationship or single. Going online and deliberately searching for a girl to have a kinky chat isn’t something that people will admit doing, when in fact, people do it all the time! Even though most people prefer regular porn over live cam shows, there’s still a massive audience for this type of adult entertainment.

Is Being A Cam Girl Profitable?

First of all, being a cam girl is a job like any other. The problem is that the pay isn’t the same every month. For one month’s worth of cam shows a cam girl can earn up to five figures easily while the next month she can barely earn a few hundred dollars. Many factors affect the amount a cam girl can earn per week, but the most important factor is the number of viewers she has. The more people watch her shows, the more tips she’ll get.

Then it comes to the industry average, the numbers are pretty fascinating! The average weekly pay for a cam girl is around $1,100 for around 20 hours spent camming per week. This means that if this was a full-time job (40 hours per week), a cam model could earn almost $3,000 per week.

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Cam Girls Usually Don’t Work More Than 30 Hours Per Week

The great thing about this kind of work is that a cam girl can work when she wants for as long as she wants. We mentioned that the industry average is a little less than 20 hours per week, but the more hours they put in, the more they’ll earn. This is a great thing because she usually has more time for other things.

If you’re interested in dating a cam girl, make sure you’re alright with her profession. Cam girls are something between models and porn actresses. Even though some people tip girls who don’t take off their clothes, it’s much more likely they’ll make some money if they show their most intimate body parts. Cam girls who use different kinds of sex toys and equipment get tipped the most, as well as the models who interact with their viewers, showing the viewers exactly what they want to see.

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Keep An Open Mind If You Want To Date A Cam Girl

There’s a stereotype when it comes to cam girls and people who date them can find it difficult to accept that. The fact that a lot of cam models include nudity in their shows and sometimes even use sex toys doesn’t mean that they’re cheating on their boyfriend or girlfriend. They’re just girls comfortable with their bodies who don’t mind doing all sorts of naughty things while making an honest living. The vast majority of successful cam girls also stated that they have a lot of fun interacting with their patrons.

The fact that the vast majority of cam girls include nudity in their shows isn’t something you should worry about. Yes, people can see her naked, but it doesn’t mean that she’ll be dishonest with you or even cheat on you with someone else. Dating a cam girl is like dating a model. The only difference is that cam girls do their modeling online. Not all models include sexual activities in their shows, so if you’re someone who couldn’t accept something like that, be honest with the girl you’re interested in and talk to her before taking things too seriously.

Would You Be Willing To Join?

It’s not uncommon for cam girls to ask their boyfriends or girlfriends to join them in front of the camera. This is mostly related to cam girls who include sex-related content in their online shows and adding another person to the mix can quickly boost their fan base. With a bigger fan base, the cam models are likely to get more tips as well.

The great thing about camming is that you don’t need to show your face at any given moment, especially if you’re joining your girlfriend in one of her shows. Imagine if you’re just filming yourselves for your private collection. It can actually be a pretty amazing experience! Knowing that someone’s watching you do all sorts of kinky things with your girlfriend can spice things up quickly and you may end up liking it! Although couples aren’t featured so much on cam sites, there’s a huge demand for couple cam shows. You’d be amazed by the number of people that would join your stream if both of you participated in the show.

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Dating A Cam Girl Cam Be Difficult But It Has Its Benefits

The great thing about cam girls is that they’re very open-minded. They’re open to new ideas, new experiences, and usually, kinky sex. Unfortunately, some cam girls take the job too seriously and they can get overly committed to satisfying their fans even when they’re not streaming. This means that a cam girl will spend much more time at the gym, she’ll focus a lot more on a healthy diet plan and most nights, she’ll be working.

There are many things you’ll need to adapt to if you plan on dating a cam girl, but there are a lot of pros to dating one as well. For one, sex is usually mind-blowing. Not because the girl is skilled in bed but because she’s open to trying new things! Also, she’s likely to have a killer-body because her looks have a huge effect on the number of viewers she’ll attract.

If you’re willing to adapt to her lifestyle, you won’t have any issues dating a cam girl. It can be an incredible experience and it’s something that shouldn’t discourage you to start dating the girl you like!

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