In the previous blogs, we have given a lot of information on things that will help you in your adult cam career. For the live cam girls, the main focus has to be on engaging the viewers of their live cam shows. An engaged viewer will not hesitate to tip the performer. The adult webcam industry is a service-oriented one, and the customer/user remains the king or queen! Sometimes performers are too caught up in the nuances of their performance and forget this basic fact. As one of the most sophisticated operators in the webcam segment, it pains us to see a performer make avoidable mistakes and lose potential earnings. In this blog post, we will talk about the common mistakes made by live cam girls and how you can avoid them.

Don’t be rude!

In the service sector, this is a strict no-no and can lead to loss of jobs. The advantage of being a webcam girl is that you are your own boss, and no one can sack you. However, if you develop a reputation for being rude and impolite, then it will start affecting your earnings. However, this certainly does not mean that you don’t be firm in encounters with the perverts that you will often encounter on these sites.

The first thing to do is to be polite and civil to all your free cam show viewers. Always have a smile on your face, and give your viewers the attention they deserve. You will have to realize that most will be freeloaders, and there is nothing you can do about it. That is the way the adult industry is structured, and we all have to live with it. However, you never know when a person who was watching your show for free decides to transform into a paying viewer. You have to make that choice easy for them by always being gracious in front of the camera. Once they are emotionally connected with you, then they will want to see you happy. After all, even Hollywood celebs have to set a part of their busy schedules for their fans, don’t they?

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Second, there is no need to accept the requests of all those who enter the adult cam chat. You can quickly identify the perverted types once you’ve been on the cam circuit for a bit. These will be people who won’t have any credits but will demand even more than a high paying patron. You can give them a gentle warning about pushing your limits, but if they continue to do so, then they deserve a ban! Some spam your chat boxes with promotional messages. Feel free to show these viewers the boot without wasting any time!

However, sometimes doing some erotic stuff for free can give you high dividends, especially on very slow days, where nothing seems to be happening, and none of your regulars seem to be around. On these days, it is up to you to raise the tempo and get your viewers’ pulses racing! Give them a sample of what is to come if they start appreciating your skills with their wallets! Once the tips begin to follow, you can go back to your usual way of functioning. Other days, you might get tips by just socializing with your viewers. As we have mentioned earlier, we have seen some live couple sex cams where the couples were just conversing with the viewers and made a whole lotta dough! As we said, it all depends on making the performance an interactive one for the user.

Do not act bored!

If there is something even more taboo than rudeness in the camming profession, this is it! If you are feeling bored or just not interested in performing on a particular day, do yourself a big favor and take some time off! Recharge your batteries, and think of something fun to do the next time you face the webcam. If you consider camming as just another job where you just have to show up and make money, you are in for a big jolt! A lifeless performance can turn off many potential regulars for good. People may not remember the good times, but they will make lasting associations with something negative. If they develop a bad impression about you from an insipid free cam show, they will most probably never revisit your performance. This is particularly true for your target audience, the few high rollers who frequent adult webcam sites.

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Don’t try to be someone else!

When you are comfortable in your skin, it shows on the camera! It is essential to discover your comfort zone and try to stay there during your performances on the free live sex cams. You might try and copy some mannerisms or acts from other popular cammers, but be sure to add your own touch to them. Otherwise, such actions come across as fake stunts and can be a big turn off to your users!

Don’t divulge personal information!

Your personal life is different from the persona you project on the camera. You must learn to compartmentalize so that both worlds do not collide. This is one of the basics of camming, and one principle you should never ever forget. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, you might divulge some personal information, and it might be misused by unscrupulous viewers against you. This is especially true of social media, and you must be careful when using these sites.

We hope you gained some useful learning from this post, and we will continue sharing such nuggets! If you want to register as a performer on our site, please fill the form here.

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