In the previous two posts, we have covered many fetishes and kinky performances that garner high viewer traffic. This post and the next one will discuss the various forms of roleplay and why they are in demand. In this time of the pandemic, people anyways are feeling sexually repressed as the action is scarce, as most public places are restricted. In such times, their innermost desires demand attention and can lead to frustration if left unfulfilled.

Most viewers have fantasies that they have hidden from the world so that they won’t be judged and criticized. The fact that some of these desires are forbidden or censured makes them even more irresistible! After all, human beings love the thrill of exploring topics or feelings deemed taboo by society. It is as if we are programmed to rebel and can only do so online, as there is a price to pay in everyday life. If you have any doubts about this statement, go and check the popular videos on porn sites!

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Live Cam shows- anonymous and amenable to explore your fantasies!

In the anonymity offered by the free live sex cams, most of the users feel empowered to explore their kinks. No one here deprecates them for having such thoughts. Instead, they are encouraged to indulge these thoughts by some of the most beautiful live cam girls on the world wide web! Some of these kinks can be even seen on a free cam show, with thousands of other viewers!

For a special consideration or tip, these women will take the viewers on a journey where no desire is forbidden! Interactivity is what makes these roleplays so highly sought after. The connection with the opposite sex, often missing and hard to get in real life, is available in plenty here. Thus, each viewer’s curiosity is stoked, and if they have the cash, they will be willing to go on such a ride! If they go for a private live cam show, it is a much more intimate encounter. Such an experience can also be recorded so that users can relive that unique feeling again and again! Let us now explore some of the roleplay acts that are popular among users.

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Girlfriend Experience: Intimacy Guaranteed!

Well, we all crave for intimacy in our lives! However, some of us are too busy in life to have the time required for acquiring a girlfriend. Others can be too shy and find it a bit hard to make a pass at the woman of their choice. Then there are those people who do not like to commit and feel stifled within relationships. These are the people who are the top customers of strip clubs and free live adult cams as they have insatiable appetites! They adore the fact that they can get a different woman online each day, from any part of the world! Also, girls these days need to be pampered and are a demanding lot. You have to struggle hard to get one to accept your proposal. Finally, even if the users are in a relationship, not many can resist alone time with a live cam hottie! All these reasons make the GirlFriend Experience a hot property on adult webcam sites!

One more thing, this is a fantasy that is best had in a private chat room, as you can’t convey the feeling of intimacy in a free cam show. When you offer such a service, it is essential that you set the ground rules and remind users that this is a fantasy. Otherwise, some may take the wrong cues and blur the line between the professional and personal! Most users understand this and just want someone with whom they can spend some intimate moments, and if you can give that to them, they will not hesitate to loosen their wallets! When you begin such a roleplay, try and get comfortable with the person on the other side of the cam. Ask them about their day and their likes and dislikes, giving them a chance to unwind and relax. Then, slowly move to the sexual parts of the performance, as per the wishes of the viewer. Tease him, tantalize him, and make him hungry for more! Finally, give him what he wants, and pleasure him all you can! In the show, do not forget to bestow the users with lots of compliments and appreciation. After all, if you can satisfy them emotionally and sexually, you will have a fan for life! This is how a girlfriend behaves in real life, and if you can replicate it, you’ve got a winner on your hands!

You can also take this performance to the next level by personalizing the service even more. To ‘feel’ the connection, users might demand to stay in touch throughout the day. You can do this through premium Snapchat or a paid text service. Be transparent with the users on the costs and your availability. If you set the boundaries and stick to them, this can also be remunerative, without affecting your personal life too much.

An easier way of providing GFE is to make custom clips and sell on your website or others such as ManyVids. Monetizing such clips can be a bit tough as there is a lot of competition in the space. You have to compete with the queens of roleplay such as Tara Tainton, Xev Bellringer, and many others who have been in the field for years! One of the things you can do is find out about the paying member’s likes and dislikes and customize your performance accordingly! We hope you gained a bit of insight through this post. In the next post, we will explore Cosplay and a few other aspects of roleplay where you can make considerable money on a naked live cam!

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