Becoming a successful live cam model (Part-1)

Becoming a successful live cam model (Part-1)

Everyone in the adult industry is now jumping onto the adult webcam bandwagon! They are right in doing so, as there is a lot of dough on the table, and the pie is only increasing with time! Since you are reading this post, we assume that you are interested in camming to earn money. Doing a bit of research beforehand is always the best way to go. If you want to make your name and a lot of money as a cam model, this might be just the right place to begin! We are sharing this blog so that you avoid the common mistakes and learn from the experience of some of the most successful live cam girls in the business! After all, camming is not rocket science! Before going into the nitty-gritty of the matter, we must mention that you must be dedicated to camming if you want to earn serious money. In that way, it is just like another job, where if you are creative and innovative, you will pull ahead of the crowd. If you want to look at it as a hobby, you must keep your expectations low.

The initial research

You must first decide on the website that you are going to broadcast on. If you ask us, it should be our site, as there is literally no other cam site that provides such generous compensation! We also offer the support and assistance you need to make it big as a cam star. But still, don’t go on our word, devote some time to research, and set up an account on the adult webcam site of your choice.

Then, spend some time on the camsite and check what the other performers are doing. This will give you an idea of what sells the most, and you can start off doing that. You need to identify the best times to broadcast so that you give yourself the best chance to earn money. Ideally, these are when the high-paying users from developed countries such as the US and UK are online. Look at your own schedule, and find a way that the times can match. You will have to make sacrifices and adjust your personal and social life to make space for your cam schedule. Broadcast only when you expect no interruptions as viewers absolutely hate them! Budget a minimum of 2-3 hours of camming every day to generate a considerable amount of money via tips, as per our experience. You must also make it a point to learn all the terms related to free live sex cams such as cam to cam, PM, etc. Finally, chose an attractive name for yourself, and keep that name constant across cam platforms to create brand recall.

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Manage the logistics for an appealing live cam show

The next thing that you must focus on is equipment and a place to broadcast. First, find a clean, well-lit space where visibility is not an issue, and you will not face any disturbance. You do not want folks to be walking into your broadcast, just when your audience starts to enjoy the show! These are little things, but if you keep them in mind, the final effect will be excellent. You can use your creativity in decoration and lighting, to make the whole setup appealing to the eye, but don’t spend a lot of money on this.

After this, you need a good webcam, so that you can give your viewers the best quality webcam experience. It should cost about USD 50 on an eCommerce site. We really do not advise on using a laptop webcam as the quality can be a bit dicey. Set everything up, and go on some calls with friends to test audio and video quality.

The next important thing is sex toys, and you just cannot do without them. If you have spent any kind of time watching the live cam girls do their job, you must know that most of them have the Lovesense Lush as their toy of choice! These allow users to give the cam models pleasure with their tips. These devices also have different functionalities, such as posting notifications on your adult chatbox. They can make the process of handling both the chat and the performance easier for you. You can focus on what you need to do to keep the tips flowing! The device can also set up games such as roll the dice for your free cam show, and these can keep users engaged. The user rolls the dice after putting in a tip, and there is an activity that you need to perform that corresponds to the number that comes on the dice. You really need these add-ons as you will see that almost every performer worth their salt uses them.

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The Attitude to Please

Before going any further in this series of posts, we would like to talk about the essential trait that you need to have to succeed. We did talk about dedication earlier, but this is even more important. It is the attitude to please, something so basic, yet missing in so many wannabe performers. As viewers, we find it really irritating when the performer acts like a prima donna. Once you establish yourself as a name, then you can go on having airs! But initially, be communicative and helpful, and make the extra effort to impress viewers. In the public sphere, you cannot succeed without this trait, as simple as that!

Here, let us clarify that you never need to do something you are very uncomfortable with. The way to go is to make it clear to the viewer/tipper in the beginning, and you will not face many issues. Some viewers can get rude and pushy, don’t hesitate to ban them from your chatrooms! You can and should set the tone for your naked live cam, and users will find it rewarding to comply with you!

With this, we come to the end of this post. In the second post of this series, we will talk a bit about the creative aspects of camming and other things that will be useful for you in your career as a cam model.

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