Becoming a successful live cam model: Creating a viable online brand for yourself

Becoming a successful live cam model: Creating a viable online brand for yourself

At any given point of the day, hundreds, if not thousands of live cam girls are broadcasting to an online audience. Many people log onto the internet to watch a naked live cam, but they are not sure where to go. The fight is to direct these viewers to your performance, and it is not an easy thing to achieve. In the previous blog, we focused on using social media to lead the audience to your live cam show. The internet is a much larger place than what these popular social networks would have you believe. There are more traffic sources that you can target once you’ve started gaining some traction on the major webcam sites. The primary source of traffic on the internet is the search engine, and you need a broad strategy to ace this funnel. Search engines do give preference to social media, and we have covered that in our previous post in much detail. In this post, we will discuss organic ways to build your online viewership so that you can earn more from your live cam show on our site.

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Identify your online positioning

When you’re really serious about making it big as a live cam girl, then you should really think about how you want to position your services. You must identify a segment that you can cater to, such as teen, milf, redhead, etc. Each of these is a niche in its own right and has thousands of dedicated viewers willing to spend if they like what they see. If you cannot decide yourself, then try and figure out how your viewers perceive you when you perform. You can do this by observing the language they use on chat forums on free cam shows. Your free cam show audience can tell you a lot, but only if you take their feedback into account. The importance of this identification is that you can start targeting search results for these categories. The other way to influence the search engine is to build your own site. In the next part of this post, we will tell you exactly how to go about it.

Building your personal website

One of the ways that you can promote yourself as a brand is to build a website. Only performers who have skin in the game usually create a site as they know that it is primarily a one-time investment of resources to develop a permanent identity on the World Wide Web. The first thing to ask yourself is that do you really need a site? If you really are in the space for the long haul, only then should you go for this option. Otherwise, you can make do with the inventive use of social media to engage with your followers and increase viewership numbers.

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It does not have to cost you a lot of money, but you must be careful about how you position yourself on the site. You must remember that the site’s purpose is to communicate about your services to a broader audience. Thus, it must link to all the places that you perform on or sell content on. All your communication on the site must be done to establish you in the identified niche. For this, there is no need to share any kind of personal information, but you can share things that your fans might want to know. Tell them a bit about your sexual kinks, and you might make them thirsty for more! You can take inspiration from the sites of famous live cam girls such as Vicky Vixxx as to how you should brand your website. You can also use the blog section to express your opinions and give your fans a chance to read your thoughts. You do need to remember that these posts must also contribute to your positioning.

Many revenue sources open up for you when you have a website to call your own. You can take orders for custom video clips, which has emerged as an additional income source for live cam girls. We would advise you to post one or two free clips so that visitors to your site can sample your performances. Consider this as a form of marketing, and it can yield surprising results. You can also provide a link to an Amazon wish list, and if your admirers really dig you, they can gift stuff from that list. You can also offer them more paid content on your site, or provide links to websites such as Patreon and onlyfans, where they access such content on payment. The other things you can sell on your site is lingerie and other props. You will be surprised at how many dedicated fans purchase such stuff as they want to identify with you! Affiliate marketing can also act as a source of revenue, and you can place banner ads on your site of cam platforms, and other adult services.

The only thing that your website demands from you is the use of your imagination, and the initial setup cost. If you are willing to spare both for long-term gain, you might find that creating a website played a crucial role in achieving your aims as a model of the free live sex cams!

Apart from this, some performers use inorganic ways to boost traffic, such as running ad and PPC campaigns on Google. Also, they pay money for increasing their followers on social media. You can go down that path, but only after you have exhausted organic options. In the next part of this series, we will discuss Patreon and other revenue funnels, such as Loyal Fans, as we feel these deserve your undivided attention. After all, we’re here to assist in any way we can in your journey as a cam girl!

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Becoming a successful live cam model: The creative aspects (Part-2)

Becoming a successful live cam model: The creative aspects (Part-2)

As we know, every performer in the adult industry is now focussed on live camming. If they aren’t, they will be! Porn is not nearly as well as paying as the webcam industry. Also, everyone loves being their own boss. For the viewers, it is a bonus to have so much competition as the quality of the performances steadily increases with time. In the first part of this series of blog posts, we handled mostly the logistical and attitudinal aspects of how you could become a top webcam model on the internet. In this blog, we will focus a bit on the creative elements of camming and some simple tips that allow you to improve as a performer. After all, you need all the help you can get to succeed in the ultra-competitive world of live cams!

Creative hacks to enhance user satisfaction

In the adult webcam world, there are thousands of models vying for the attention of the viewers. Only the top ones make a lot of money, while the rest make up the numbers! There is no easy way to make it to the higher rungs of adult cam performers, but you can always be smart, and leapfrog the others through your creativity.

We have talked about setup and lighting in the first blog, and there is a lot more you can do in this respect. You do not have to reinvent the wheel; see what some of the existing models are doing, and implement the same in your room. There are examples of models that recreate a strip club’s atmosphere with party lights, liquor, and cigarettes. We don’t have a set creative recipe that works for all models; it depends on your look, age, and the target audience. But we know one thing for sure; you must have a wide range of activities that you can offer a paying viewer.

The first thing to do is to be comfortable in your own skin. At first, stick to the things that you know and like. People are attracted to happiness and confidence, and the same is the case with the viewers of the free live adult cams. Also, interaction is crucial. Speak to them, answer their questions, and ask some of your own. If you show genuine interest in your male viewers, they will get such a massive kick out of it! Everyone loves being appreciated and cared for, and this is how you do it online! Once these viewers are engaged with the show, they will not leave so quickly. If you are a good dancer, you will do well to start with a seductive dance, and you might find that the audience goes crazy about you! If there is no specific thing that you are an expert at, just open your webcam, and start showing off your sexy lingerie. Yes, you have to titillate your viewers a bit, and take them to the point that they cannot return from easily! Then, you will find them willing to pay enormous tips for doing their bidding.

There are activities such as cosplay, BDSM, and ahegao with a niche audience willing to pay decent sums of money for what it likes. It is not that hard to learn how to perform these acts, but you need to develop a degree of comfort. No one wants to pay for a cam girl who is not confident of pulling off her performance! So, here is what you need to build your expertise. Watch a few videos online to get the hang of what you need to do. Rehearse alone so that you can get a bit familiar with your routine. After that, you can try these out on a live cam show, and see if you’re comfortable. Once you have developed a familiarity with the activity, you can price it at a premium. Or you can keep particular days for these activities, so there is an anticipation in the viewers’ minds for the show.

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Improvisation remains vital in a live cam show

While it does help you, if you have a set routine and stick to it, you also need to keep an open mind. In this world, you will find that many users are clear in their minds about what they want to do. You need to go with the flow, and your performance will naturally get better as they direct you to do the needful. We have seen this happening with a lot of cam girls. They start off as shy and under-confident but transform into experienced performers within a short period. It will also give your fan club and followers immense satisfaction that you got better with their help. They can also help you generate additional income through the sale of clips and other items endorsed by you. We will talk about this in some detail in the next blog of this series. The aspect we are emphasizing here is that when your followers start identifying with your cause, you are on the path to success!

There are a lot of other things that you can do to add variety to your shows. You could convince some of your friends to join you for some days, and see where the performance takes you! Viewers absolutely adore a live couple sex cam, and are willing to shower the performers with tips! We have seen shows with just 2 live cam girls drinking wine and speaking to viewers attract hundreds of dollars in tips! If both of you are comfortable getting intimate with each other, you could just get on with it and put on a show that your viewers will love! You never know what will work, and you might just stumble onto a gold mine if you keep experimenting with different routines.

With this, we come to an end with this blog. In the next and final part of this series, we will focus on developing other revenue and traffic sources for your cam shows. Stay tuned!

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