The logistics behind a remunerative live cam show

The logistics behind a remunerative live cam show

The focus behind our blogs has always been to add value to content creating live cam girls. In the first blog of our popular cam girl series, we talked a bit about the logistics needed to achieve success in this highly competitive niche. However, we feel this area deserves a bit more of a deep dive. We see so many hot and beautiful cam models on the internet who miss out on these aspects. They spend a lot of time online but don’t make money due to bad lighting, low camera quality, etc. However, due to whatever reasons, they do not invest resources in the logistics behind an attractive free cam show. The viewer does not owe you anything and has thousands of other options to choose from. So, you have to tick all the boxes if you’re gonna attract the paying users. Otherwise, you will only attract pervs who won’t give you a single tip and keep bothering you the whole time. To prevent such a situation from happening, let us focus on the backend of how to give your users the best possible naked live cam experience!

The equipment needed for free live sex cams

The first thing you need is high-speed internet. No viewer likes to watch free live adult cams feeds that sputter and pause. It is essential to invest in an internet connection of at least 100 Mbps speed so that you face absolutely no issues. Also, take care to ensure that the space you broadcast in has proper access to this connection. We have seen WiFi issues put a break on some highly remunerative cam sessions. It is such small issues that can lead to a considerable reduction in payouts for cam performers. You would not want such a disaster to occur with your free cam show, right?

Laptop: The next thing on your live cam chat checklist should be a computer. If you do not have it, you need to purchase a device as it will probably be the most significant investment you have to make. There is a reason why most live cam performers use laptops. It gives you the ability to move around during a performance, adding to your comfort and giving your viewers different backgrounds to look at.

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Webcams, and all that jazz!

Some people might ask us the need for a webcam when laptops come with inbuilt ones? The answer again lies in the quality and small details. Viewers instantly switch from low quality feeds to ones of better quality, irrespective of the content. HD Webcams (720 p and above) from a brand such as Logitech will give your audience crystal clear viewing quality. If you really wish to go the whole hog, you might even buy a video camera, priced in the range of hundreds of dollars. However, when you start off, a webcam will suit you just fine. Once you start making some real dough, you can turn the movie director with a heavy-duty video cam. After all, art does not come for free!

In many live couple sex cam shows, we find that we cannot hear the performers clearly, and it hampers the experience. This might be because some background music may be playing, or the performers might be far away from the laptop speakers. Most high paying viewers demand the complete audiovisual experience and will not hesitate to switch to other performers if they are not satisfied. You can go with a microphone for excellent audio quality to increase your naked live cam’s interactivity quotient. You should also think of using a splitter to broadcast conveniently on multiple sites. First, check on the site if you are allowed to do so? In this way, you can earn more from the same performance!

You would also do well to get a wireless keyboard and mouse to enhance your comfort and moveability during a free cam show. Sometimes, you need to communicate via chat with your viewers while performing, and these devices can ease that process. If you are broadcasting through a desktop, these become essential to give you an element of flexibility.

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Lighting can be a mood enhancer or a buzzkill!

Many performers don’t pay adequate attention to this aspect of their performance. Even the hottest live squirt cam can fizz out if the lighting is sub-par, as viewers cannot see what is going on! It would be a shame for all that effort to go down the drain. Most live cam models perform in closed, private spaces that need a dose of artificial lighting. The lighting needs to be just right. Too bright light hurts the eyes, while too dark is utterly pointless as the viewers just cannot see what is happening! Soft lighting is what you need to achieve so that the users can comfortably watch your performance without straining their eyes. While standard room lights can do the job if you get your angles right, you can also invest in lighting equipment to add the element of mood to your armory. The best choice is 3 point lighting. You can purchase a 3 point lighting kit from a site such as Amazon or set it up yourself. In this aspect, your own creativity can go a long way in achieving the desired effect. For example, you do not need colored lighting, just put a colored cloth over the light/lamp, and get the desired result!

Finally, we’d like to say that you don’t need everything in one shot. You can slowly start building your equipment to improve the standard of your live cam show. If you cannot afford it, for the time being, put up a wishlist on your profile, and maybe your patrons can help you out! In the next post, we will talk about sex toys that you can use during your free cam show.

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