It takes two to tango! Nuances of a live couple sex cam- Part 1

It takes two to tango! Nuances of a live couple sex cam- Part 1

In most of our blogs, we have discussed the strategies that allow you to stand out from thousands of other live cam girls on the internet. However, there comes a time when you think you have exhausted all possibilities, but mind you, you haven’t! The free live sex cams are well and truly free, at least for you, the performers! On these cams, you have a lot of independence and can make your own creative decisions. However, when you are in such a rut, it is always better to think out of the box. One of the choices that every performer has is getting more people to join in and convert the performance into a live couple sex cam. Well, whatever be your inclination, adding another person to your free live cam show expands the possibilities. In one of our posts here, we showcased some of the options available for a couple- lesbian, anal, and many other fetishes. In this one, we will talk about what you need to keep in mind to deliver the best possible performance.

The choice of a partner is critical

The first thing that you need to consider is who to choose as a partner. Most people are only comfortable revealing their sexual side to a chosen few, so they perform only with their partners or real close friends. Your companion on such a performance is a person you should trust completely. You will have to share space with them on a naked live cam, so both of you should be comfortable with the idea. If there are any such issues, it would be better to shelve the plan or choose someone else. We have many examples of girls performing with their close female friends, as they have not disclosed this side of their lives to their boyfriends. In such a case, a new complication may arise. Both have to think about how sexually comfortable they are with the same gender. We have witnessed some cams where the lesbian couple is clearly not at home in such a setting, making us cringe! Such an act can seriously damage your brand value as a performer, so you need to sit down and discuss all the details thoroughly.

Another aspect that you must reflect on is your partner’s personality. Funny, lively, and engaging people are always a great addition to any live cam show, as there is hardly a dull moment when they are around! They are also ready to explore their sexual boundaries and quickly open up in front of strangers! Howsoever much you plan, some unexpected demand can come up during a performance. Having such a partner will give you the confidence to execute the request. On the other hand, a man or a woman reserved in nature may not be suitable for a free cam show. Again, if you feel that you can make it work, it might be well worth taking the chance, as some people can really own the camera once they get rid of their reluctance!

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Convincing your potential partner to perform

The next part involves actually talking with your potential partner and convincing them to join you. Many live cam girls have entirely separate personal and professional lives. Transcending these boundaries can prove to be a tough choice. You will have to reveal your vocation to another person in your intimate circle. They might judge you and feel betrayed by your earlier lack of trust in their discretion. If you are romantically involved, the situation becomes even more fraught with risk. However, when you have to succeed in a competitive profession, sometimes you are required to rise above the small hesitations that hold you back.

Think carefully about what you will say, and then approach your potential partner tactfully. Observe their response and clearly outline what you have in mind. You should tell them what you expect them to do and your personal experience of the free live sex cams in this conversation. You should also definitely inform them about the money-making potential of the industry. Here, tell them clearly how you intend to split the earnings from the live couple sex cam act so that there are no misconceptions later.

After a proper briefing, give them time to make up their minds; as for them, this is something out of the blue! To ease the decision-making process, allow them to ‘witness’ one of your performances. The first-hand experience of camming will make it easier for them to decide if they have what it takes to come on the free live adult cams! Also, it will make them aware of the massive income potential of this niche. It might make them override their hesitation as there is a lot of money to be made on a naked live cam!

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Planning and rehearsal

The actual job of conceptualizing the performance starts once you get their assent. Again, it pays to spend a bit of time identifying your successful competitors and trying to replicate the same acts on your adult webcam show. Involve your companion right from the beginning, and incorporate their creative inputs. Try and keep it simple at the beginning, and stick to positions and fetishes that both of you can execute with ease. Ensure that your partners are always prepared for the unexpected. Tell them that you will be the one in charge at all times, and they should follow your lead as you are accustomed to the medium’s challenges. After the act has been finalized, you need to rehearse it a few times. Ensure that the rehearsal is being recorded. You can make improvements and check if your chemistry is clicking in front of the camera. Try to become familiar with each other. Find out what the other enjoys and what is out of bounds so that nasty surprises are ruled out. In the next blog, we will expand a bit more on the execution side of your live couple sex cam performance!