The interactive world of sex toys on the free live sex cams!

The interactive world of sex toys on the free live sex cams!

In our plethora of well-received blog posts on the camming niche, we have talked in bits and pieces about the use of sex toys in the world of free live sex cams. According to us, this aspect is way too important to be dealt with in a piecemeal manner. In the next series of blogs on our site, we will deal with sex toys and their application in a live cam show.

The basics

When you’re using a sex toy, you need to be mindful of aspects such as cost, quality, and cleanliness so that they can fulfill their purpose. We would advise you to start with a basic model from a reputed brand, instead of cheap knockoffs made from harmful materials that can lead to skin irritation and other issues. Remember to ensure cleanliness and hygiene so that your sex toys can provide pleasure to you and your audience for a long time! While you can use sophisticated cleaners for the same, reasonably warm water and a bit of soap can also do the job. Finally, ensure that you store these instruments properly to safeguard your own privacy and increase the device’s longevity. We know that these are quite basic instructions, but following them will make your life a whole lot easier!

The next thing to do is display all of these toys in front of the audience on the camera. You haven’t bought these to keep them inside a closet, have you? If your viewers want you to use a particular sex toy, they only have to go to the chatbox, check the tip menu, and make the required tip. If they have any clarifications, they can ask you for the same, but seeing the toy on the screen shows them that you are willing to play! This saves a lot of time for both the performers and the audience as they have to spend less time chatting and can focus more on the pleasure aspect! Let us now move to the segments of suitable toys for your use on a live cam show.

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The reasons for the ubiquity of interactive sex toys

If you have done your research on the world of free live adult cams, you know that almost every performer worth her salt uses interactive sex toys. While these kinky devices were initially designed for people in long-distance relationships, they have been quickly co-opted by the adult webcam industry. In the future, these devices are expected to evolve further, with one of the proposed designs allowing users to control such sex toys through their minds! Let us examine the reasons for their prevalence before exploring the features of the most popular sex toys among live cam hotties!

Most men have the fantasy and the burning desire to provide satisfaction to the opposite sex, giving them a sense of fulfillment! Porn has always tried to tap this desire, but the world of camming has taken it to the next level. Users can have an intimate connection with the live cam girls, and they are willing to loosen their purse strings for this feeling. It can be quite rightly said that the interactive sex toy revolutionized the free cam show, and how!

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How do these devices operate?

First, let us define what we mean by ‘interactive’ in this context. It means that another person can remotely control the toy without touching it in real life. Thus, it allows him or her to remotely ‘play’ with the performer’s body using the toy! With this device, users can provide ‘pleasure’ to the model through the tips they make! The more considerable the amount, the more pleasure models seem to derive from it! For the performer, these toys provide a means to seamlessly monetize their free cam show. We can say that it is a win-win for both the audience and the live cam girls! Not only does it make the performance more comfortable to manage, but it also gives them a sense of pleasure. We will talk about these aspects in detail when we deal with specific toys.

The queen of sex toys!

Now, let us come to the most popular sex toy of them all, the Lovesense Lush! Most adult webcam performers swear by this product! It also has competitors such as Kiiroo Esca/ Pearl and a whole load of cheaper counterparts, but it is the standout product in its segment! It is a Bluetooth-based vibrator, and also so much more! We don’t want to sound like we have been paid to promote this product, but we need to explain the reasons for its popularity.

One of the main reasons is that the device offers a very intuitive and easy to manage interface so that even novice users can easily program the device. You can set levels of tips, goals, vibration levels, and sync with the cam platform you are broadcasting on. Doing so means that you don’t have to spend loads of time on these things, and can just concentrate on the job at hand! Thus, you can focus on improving the quality and sex appeal of your naked live cam broadcast while letting the device handle the rest!

Many games such as Keno and dice can be set up through this device, making your broadcast a fun place for the audience! Visit Lovesense’s setup guides for more information on the same! For performers who want even more pleasure, the rabbit vibrator Nora is an option due to its ability to rotate and pulsate even more vigorously. All in all, for beginners in the webcam sex space, the Lush can prove to be a good investment.

With this, we conclude our post on interactive sex toys. In the next one, we will discuss more devices in this space!

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The most loved acts on free live sex cams- Part 1

The most loved acts on free live sex cams- Part 1

Viewers of adult webcam sites love watching a live cam show that turns them on! Some do not have a definite preference and love the format’s unpredictability, while others have set likes and dislikes. We have narrowed down the most popular acts among fans through our experience and extensive research on the niche. While performing such an act can help you tap the dedicated fans of the segment, you also need to keep experimenting. A show that is performed too often becomes stale, a strict no-no for a successful live cam girl.

This post will discuss the different sexual acts that you can perform to keep your content fresh and attractive to viewers. Also, it helps if you can add items such as sensual dancing to your armory as that can add to the erotic quotient of your live cam show. It can also keep you in a good mood during the time you perform. That ensures that you deliver the best possible performance every single time!

You should also aim to build a sense of excitement and anticipation among your fans regarding these acts. Let them realize that you are doing something special for them, and make them wait for it, with a bit of erotic foreplay. Use social media to tantalize your followers about what you have planned for them! If you get them excited in anticipation, you have them exactly in the position that you want!

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Despite all the negative rap it gets, many people are now into masturbation as in the times of the pandemic, it helped keep their lust under control. After all, it is the closest that you can get to the real thing if you don’t have a partner with you! The webcam live sites’ patrons like to watch hot and sexy girls get busy with their bodies. Most of them imagine being with the performer while masturbating, and this gets them real hard! Spend an hour on a popular cam site, and you will find many examples of such a show. Viewers love to see girls masturbating and having an orgasm in front of the camera. The question for you arises if so many webcam girls are doing this, then how do you differentiate. Use your creativity, take the help of toys such as vibrators, and make this the final goal of a particular free cam show. Do not overdo the emotion, as it comes off as fake, but gradually up the tempo and give yourself and the users a pleasurable climax. If you get the pace and the emotion right, you have a blockbuster naked live cam right there!

The advantages of this activity are that you don’t need many props or equipment. You also will derive a whole lotta pleasure, making it a win-win for both you and the viewers! You also have the option to do so only in private chat or cam to cam conversation with your viewers. Some high-rollers are willing to blow big bucks on an intimate erotic interaction, where both of you can climax simultaneously. By performing such acts, you give yourself an excellent chance to attract these tippers!

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This is another one of cam land’s favorite fetishes, which is relatively less explored than the first one. The reason for this is that not everyone is comfortable with this concept. If you are into this stuff, you will find it easy to replicate on the screen. If not, you really need to think about whether you want to do it or not, because hesitation and lack of interest will be captured by the camera! You will also need a bit of equipment such as whips, handcuffs, and blindfolds to execute the act. Also, you need to be able to derive pleasure out of domination and submission. An excellent place to start exploring this genre is this post. You have the option of partnering with a companion to execute this act appropriately and make an exciting live couple sex cam for the viewers. You can also offer this activity to your private and cam-to-cam viewers, as you can get really up close and personal with them. Some men want a dominatrix to punish them, and if you are up for it, you can make a lot of money! You really have to get the attitude right for the dominatrix part, and then you can punish people all the way to the bank! Finally, we would like to repeat that you should only incorporate BDSM into your performance if you become comfortable with the concept. Otherwise, it can lead to mental distress and a lack of confidence, none of which will help you in your career on the free live sex cams.


Squirting is another of the wonders of the female body. There is a bit of mystery about how it actually happens, so viewers like to throng the live squirt cams and get their daily erotic high from these performances. This is one of the headline acts that can attract the big bucks on both porn sites and adult webcam sites.

Again, not all women are capable of squirting, and you need to realize that before you start thinking of adding this to your repertoire. If you can squirt when aroused, you can keep this superpower one of your tipping goals or offer this option only to your private chat users. There are some useful online guides that you can consult before exploring this activity. If you can conveniently execute it, and after doing it many times in the comfort of your personal space, you can offer the viewers the option of watching you squirt away to glory if they can afford it!

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