Why do live cam shows score over porn?

Why do live cam shows score over porn?

In the era of the Covid19 pandemic, the consumption of adult content has increased as people are spending much more time at home. Also, people have no other option but adult sites as they cannot go out and have their regular sexual encounters. So, they need to have their sexual urges satisfied, and thus they are using the internet for this purpose. However, watchers of the adult industry have also observed an exciting new switch. We are, of course, referring to the enormous growth in traffic for free live sex cams in the past few months. Porn sites such as Pornhub have also seen an increase in visitor count, but not as impressive as the increases seen by live cam sites. There are some underlying changes for this tectonic change in the adult industry. In this post, we will discuss why this transition is happening in the segment and why it will only accelerate from now onwards.

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Porn has become passe!

Yeah, you read that right! First, you can ask yourself, does the activity of watching porn excite you the same as it did all those years ago when you first started? The answer is the same for most viewers! The times have changed, and so has the audience. But, the powers that be that have proved to be immune to change. They have no incentive to do so as long as the money keeps rolling in. There is an underlying crisis of creativity that has been plaguing the industry for long. Adult producers have been producing the same kind of XXX content since time immemorial. They have not changed the porn playbook at all. The internet revolution, especially with the advent of the smartphone, has brought billions of new viewers to their content. However, the catch lies in how many of these new viewers are willing to pay? There has not been that great an increase in the people willing to spend on adult tubes as most of this traffic is from developing countries with lesser purchasing power.

Now, let us come to the complaints of the paying audience with the sameness of what they see on porn tubes every day. They have started to voice their protest with their wallets! The premium subscriptions of adult tube sites are not growing as fast as before. Viewers are not willing to pay to consume regular content as they are quite bored seeing the same thing on different websites. Piracy also has a significant role in this reluctance, because you can easily watch the porn videos that you desire for free! Also, videos are not as rewarding for the top performers, so they are moving to cam sites. They know that they can earn so much more doing live cam shows than playing a part in X-rated videos. They have been referred to by industry experts as ‘porntreprenuers.’ They have been focussing on building their personal brand just as a business does. Fans are also loving it, as for them, they can get up close and personal with the pornstar of their dreams, and it won’t cost them a dime if they are watching free live sex cams! The industry, or at least some players, to their credit, anticipated the trend and tried to course-correct. Emerging technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality have been used to create a new segment: VR Porn. However, there needs to be a lot more done to stem the tide, or we might see a few biggies fall by the wayside!

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Free Live Sex Cams are here to dominate the internet!

Now let us come to our segment and explain why free cam shows are here to stay! After all, we saw a lot of potential in this segment, and that is why we decided to enter it and try and leave our mark. Free live adult cams have a lot going for them, and we will explain that in detail in the second half of our post.

First, these services are free, so viewers, if they want to, can enjoy watching live cam girls on their devices without needing to pay anything to the owners of these webcam sites. Secondly, one of the crying needs for most adults in this day and age is the human touch, which technology has not provided. Most of us are busy on our device, but we need some social interaction also. The best form of communication is with the opposite sex, and this is where the naked live cam can add a lot of value to your life. You can interact with the hottest girls online, and you can watch them as they do a lot of erotic stuff to please you. The highest form of interactivity can be to have a cam-to-cam chat with these girls. For this, you may have to pay some money, but it is well worth the amount. For these private chats are the closest substitute to real sex that you can find. Both you and the performer can have an orgasm at the same time, and nothing can match this level of intimacy!

The third factor in favor of adult webcam sites is the sheer variety that can be found here. There are literally thousands of girls and boys online who are willing to do what it takes to satisfy the viewers. There are no restrictions on nationality, and the only one that you might not find on these cams are the Chinese. In fact, you might get lucky if you search hard enough! The various options on camsites include live squirt cams, teen, mature, and a lot more. You also have the possibilities of a live couple sex cam in which you can chat with a couple, and make them do what you want. In this category, the most popular is the lesbian, which makes sense as most viewers are male. Nothing turns men on more than 2 hot camgirls getting it on with each other!

Many other factors are driving the usage of live sex cams, and we may talk about them in the future. Till then, keep visiting our website and have fun with some of the best performers on the internet!

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