As we have discussed in the previous post, sex toys can add a lot of value to your live cam show and increase audience satisfaction by leaps and bounds. After a brief exploration of the interactive sex toys segment, we will look at other toys you can play with on the free live sex cams. There are many sex toys for women that you can experiment with before you pick your favorites. They start from the basic silicone dildos and can range to fuck machines that pound those pussies to pulp! The choice depends on you, your budget, and your comfort with these devices or instruments. However, using sex toys will enhance your own pleasure and allow you to freshen your routines in such a way to make them more attractive to your viewers. Now let us move to the first category without further ado.

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Spice it up with Dildos!

These are the most commonly seen sex toys on the free live adult cams. These can be used in between your routines to give your users the feel of oral sex. Many users have that fetish, and they will love you using that tongue to its full potential. When you are performing on a live couple sex cam with another woman, dildos are almost essential. You can do many kinds of foreplay with these, including the recently popular futanari and cosplay.

In such a situation, a realistic dildo will be the way to go, as you need to give a lifelike experience to the viewer. Also, there are possibilities to be explored in the femdom genre. A dominatrix can’t be resplendent in all her power if she does not have a dick to punish you with! So, you will need to get comfortable with these toys if you want to make it big in the big bad world of BDSM!

One of the best options is glass dildos, as these are easy to handle and clean. They are much more hygienic, as they do not retain bacteria and residue from the previous session and can be cleaned effectively. Contrary to popular belief, these can last quite long if you are careful and manage them well.

Here, we would like to talk about one set of interactive toys that we left out in the previous post. We are about to tell you something about the field of teledildonics, where Kiroo is the clear leader. These devices can be used to raise the erotica quotient of your private naked live cam shows. All serious performers know that private shows are where the real dough is! For this particular kind of act, both you and the viewer should have a version of Kiroo’s sex toys for men and women. For you, our recommendation is the Pearl, while your user can go with the Keon. After you connect, both of you can seamlessly take control of each other’s devices and pleasure each other to no end! This is one of the most realistic experiences that men can experience in the world of adult webcams. That is why the segment is also worth a lot of money. You really need to have this act as part of your armory if you are serious about making a name for yourself in the galaxy of live cam girls out there! Intimacy is what the online connoisseur craves, and if you deliver it to him, he can make you rich beyond your dreams!

Coming to the logistics of the performance, we advise you to ask the client to pair the Keon and not any other sex toy for men. The reason for this is because its effectiveness in bringing your man to orgasm is second to none. After all, a private show where the viewer doesn’t climax is undoubtedly the one he did not get his money’s worth. If that happens, he isn’t going to come back and spend alone time with you! Now, you would not want to lose one of your regular high spenders due to such reasons, would you?

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Fuck machines can be a real turn-on, too!

These are exciting toys for single performers and can help you fill gaps in your routine. They are ideal for delivering a ‘point of view’ sensation to the viewers and can be the ‘something extra’ you offer in your private shows. Some in the audience really love to see dicks pounding vaginas with all they’ve got! Hearing you moan with intense satisfaction is something they’d like to do to you in real life! Here, the machine is their friend, as it makes you reach the ultimate stage of orgasm. Men would ideally like to have this as an intimate experience and will come up with the cash to take the raunchy interaction to a private show. These machines can keep going for as long as they desire, only constrained by your capacity to handle the pounding! The plus side is that you can charge an additional amount for all this extra effort on your side. The device we would recommend in the category is the Shockspot, as it is tailored for camming.

Some enjoy the sight of your breasts bouncing and hair flying all over the place as you ride away to glory! Many readers will recall the legendary Sybian of yore that was used in porn videos! Now, the tech has become a little more sophisticated and can add an extra zing to the whole experience. Our choice here is the ‘Cowgirl‘ device, which offers all the advantages of an interconnected interaction, as users can control the ride virtually!

Apart from these, there is a whole universe of toys waiting to be explored, if you so wish!

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