After reading the first part of this blog, you would have understood that adding another person can be a real boost for your live cam show in so many ways! We also covered aspects such as choosing the right partner and the importance of rehearsals to set you up for a profitable live couple sex cam show. After you’ve covered all the initial ground, you need to focus on what exactly you’re going to do to enthuse your followers and get some more!

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Stick to your strengths!

As a performer on the free live sex cams, it always pays to stick to your strengths. So, if you and your partner love dancing, then start with some sexy moves. You can try twerking or suggestively swaying with the music for an appealing intro to the audience. Depending on their response, you can continue or transition to another activity. If you have a female partner with you, you can convert your live couple sex cam into a striptease if you find that the audience likes what you are doing! Set goals, and take each piece of clothing off when they are achieved by your viewers. In between, give them a bit of variety by getting intimate with your partner! For this act to succeed, both performers must put your body and soul into the performance. Remember, it is the chemistry between the pair that adds erotica to your act! Some other people might love cooking, and we have seen some couples do some erotic cooking live cam shows, where they make love while cooking. As we’ve said before, your comfort level and how you present yourself on camera decide whether you can pull it off.

Some couples may not have distinct strengths and no specific routines in mind. Do not worry; if you are confident and open-minded, you can get on the free cam show and go with the flow! As we mentioned earlier in our post here, something as simple as the two of you sipping on wine and talking about the good things in life can attract viewers. They will even splash their money on you if they like what they see and hear! Everyone loves to gawk at hot couples, especially lesbians. You have a lot of creative liberty if your team is one of them! The key thing to understand here is that the audience wants to live their fantasies, and when you’re doing that, your naked live cam will be a hit for sure! We have seen so many couples discussing with the viewers about their likes, dislikes, whether they smoke or drink, or general life questions to establish a connection. If you can give the viewer the feeling of being a part of the conversation, you have them right where you want them to be!

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Explore each other’s bodies properly!

What is the single biggest drawback of being an individual performer? You lose out on many easy money-making opportunities such as kissing, licking pussies or breasts, and many others. With a partner, you can do them all! This is where the tips from the previous blog come in handy! You need to appropriately communicate with your partner about what to expect and understand each other’s boundaries. Once you know, you can adjust the tip menu accordingly and be open to all suitable offers. Here, it will also be useful if you can make these boundaries clear for the audience. Doing so will ensure that they don’t waste their time trying to get you to do something out of bounds.

Now let us get to the particular acts. You can have as many actions as there are erogenous zones on your body, or even more! For heterosexual couples, blowjobs and pussy licking are the most common activities and can fetch you a broad audience if the lady in question can give an erotic performance. In these kinds of shows, it is vital to ensure that you adjust the camera to provide the audience with the best possible view. You must also ensure that both of you make sensual sounds to give the viewers the most authentic and erotic experience! With other acts like kissing, there are so many varieties that you can explore and offer to the viewers. For example, there is French kissing, spit kissing, and a simple peck on the lips, and you can specify a price for each! For the fucking part also, there are many positions to explore, such as the 69, doggy style, cowgirl, and missionary. Then there’s the anal category, which has its own universe of admirers!

Here’s what you can do to make sure that each position counts! You can specify the period for which you will continue the act in return for a particular amount. You can also keep an activity that you specialize in as a goal for a live cam show. In this way, you can motivate your audience to put in a more considerable sum of money to see their kind of action! There are also lesser-explored niches such as armpit licking and many more that you will find out about once you start your journey as live cam girls. Your viewers have many different fantasies, and they will use you as an instrument to explore them if you are game!

Finally, another category has started gaining popularity, and we define it as a quasi-voyeur niche. Couples try and get it on in a supposedly public or semi-public place, such as a corridor, an office, or even their living rooms! The whole point of such an activity is the thrill of showing you something illicit and restricted! While the entire setting seems to be a bit contrived, we can’t deny that a segment of viewers loves watching such cams. As always, we are on top of such emerging trends so that you can fit them in your routines if you deem fit!