Age verification

For us to age verify your account so you can receive tokens:

– You and any other person who will appear on your cam must have an approved account.

– Submit a clear photo/scan of a valid government-issued identification (ID) of yourself. IDs must include the following information:.

Date of Birth
Expiration Date
Issued Date
Photo ID (Required where Available)

Note: To provide all of the above information, you may need to take photos of both the front and back of your ID.

In addition, you must submit a clear photo of yourself holding your government-issued ID next to your face (closeup photo with the main text of ID readable). Also, if a person is routinely highly made up or costumed while on cam, you can provide an additional photo of that person as such (with your ID), which can help to prevent future ID problems.

We do not accept paper or handwritten IDs, or IDs that have been obstructed (please hold IDs by your top and bottom edges). Also, see the section below on other issues that can cause ID/photos to be rejected.

When you submit images, they should look like this:

Upload copies of all the above files to

Additional Instructions:

If your ID is about to expire, you must upload a new ID before its expiration date to avoid having any problems with your account. We send out notifications that IDs are about to expire.

If an ID photo has been rejected, you must upload a better ID photo — do not upload the same photo that was rejected as that will just further delay your account’s approval. Possible problems with an ID that can result in it being declined are:

Out of Focus (blurred image)
Too Small (no thumbnail photos — smallest lettering of ID must be legible)
Obscured (fingers or other covering ID — hold ID by its edge)
Cut Off (overcropped)
Mirrored (photo of an ID taken in a mirror cannot be read)
Low Contrast (flash reflection or poor lighting making ID/person hard to see)
Rotated Image (make sure image is upright)

Please note that if anyone else wants to appear on your cam, they must first upload the above identification and complete a performer agreement on your account. Failing to complete verification for everyone appearing on your cam will result in you losing your ability to receive tokens, and possibly to broadcast.

What personal information can I give out?

We are not responsible for, and cannot control, the use of any information, by anyone, which you provide to any other parties or the Service and you should use caution in selecting the personal information you provide to others through the Service..

Site rules
Our Terms of Service contain the site rules, including the following:

Do not use abusive language while chatting or broadcasting, including racism and hate speech.​
Do not harass other users for any reason. Causing issues with other users will result in a ban.
Performing while intoxicated, whether from alcohol or drugs (prescription, legal or illegal), is strictly prohibited.

Do not use drugs on cam even if it is legal in your jurisdiction (e.g., medical marijuana)
Do not broadcast in a public area where people may unknowingly appear on your broadcast
Protection of personal details
Country/radius block
Payments and Statistics
Payout per percentage, earn up to 85%!
Payment method
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