We sincerely hope you’ve gained something tangible from our series of posts on making a viable profession out of camming. The pandemic has led to a massive increase in the number of live cam girls on well-known sites. That has made it much more challenging to sustain your career only with tips from viewers of a live cam show. You need a much broader strategy to succeed now. We have repeatedly stressed the fact that you need to position yourself as a brand on the internet. Well, the advantages of doing so include the ability to rake in money from diversified sources. This post will explore less-explored avenues that can provide a stable income and make camming a lucrative profession for you. All of these platforms are quite mature and lucrative if you can garner the attention of their users. In some of them, fans pay a subscription to access your content, and you get a regular source of income. However, some of these sites have cracked down on adult content creators, but there are ways through which you can navigate such obstacles. Another issue with these sites is that your content can be copied and posted on the internet. There are sites such as ‘Yiff.Party’ that have become an accessory to such practices. The sad thing is that there’s not much help that such sites offer to creators to take down content, but according to us, that’s a risk you have to take. We always try to provide complete information to our readers so that they can make an informed decision.


Till 2017, Patreon was the go-to platform for camgirls, and everything was hunky-dory. Then, like many other social networks, it started going after adult performers, especially live cam girls. If you want to gather subscribers who pay for content on this platform, you will have to straddle a fine line. You will need to engage with your fans and be careful with NSFW content, as that is a sure-shot way of getting your account banned. You need to be creative in using the platform and share unique content that makes your fans happy. Otherwise, people will not pay money to subscribe to your account on this site.

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Snapchat Premium

As you would know, Snapchat is a social network that is popular among millennials because of its privacy and user-friendly nature. Over the years, it has become a viable revenue source for adult performers. The mechanics of the income funnel work on this platform work like this. You can offer access to your Snapchat content to users for a fee. Also, you can interact and share messages with these users. It is this feature that is driving the popularity of this platform for consumers of adult content. No other social network on date offers such intimate proximity to the girl that you see on a free cam show! As it is not an official feature of Snapchat, you will have to take the help of a third party such as Fancentro to collect subscription fees. Through such sites, you can sell access for a monthly or yearly period or even for a lifetime. These sites also have a dedicated user base that you can tap. One of the primary ways to promote your account is to participate in takeovers of other profiles, especially adult websites that offer these services. You can also publicize your Snapchat on other social media and on your public profile on the site.

One of the things that you need to realize is that posting adult content, and accepting payments are not allowed by Snapchat. Theoretically, it could ban all those accounts indulging in such activity, but it hasn’t happened until now, and it is a chance that both you and your subscribers should be willing to take! Similarly, you can sell access to your Instagram profile, but there is a pretty high possibility of a ban if you post adult content!

If you don’t go through a third party and use a payment service provider such as PayPal, you need to be careful. The moment they find out that you are selling adult services, you will likely forfeit all the money in your account. It usually happens when some user uses the chargeback option and has to describe to the provider as to why he or she wants the amount to be reversed.

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Only Fans/Loyal Fans

Due to the risks that come with the above subscription models, some adult-friendly subscription sites have emerged. The most prominent among these sites is Only Fans, and a lot of adult performers have moved to this subscription-based site. Since inception, the site claims to have paid out more than 1 billion dollars to performers, an amount not to be scoffed at! The model is similar to the others, wherein you sell access to content at a monthly price. The platform has not been without its share of controversy. The popular adult model Bella Thorne was recently in the news for earning a whopping 2 million dollars in one week on this platform! The alleged malpractices used to make this amount have led to significant changes in site policy after many subscribers asked for refunds. But this does indicate the massive money-making potential of this platform for performers on free live sex cams! Loyal Fans is another site conducive to adult content and has started gaining a bit of traction with performers.

With this, we come to an end to our series of posts on some crucial tips to achieve success, and stand out from the crowd of live cam girls on the internet! We’ll come back with more useful content in the future!

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