Becoming a Cam Model


  • What do I need to become a model?
    • Individual
      • One account required.
    • Couple
      • An account is required for everyone who is going to be on cam. 
    • Equipment
      • Personal Computer
      • High-Def Webcam
      • High-Speed Internet
  • What should you write on your camming profile?
    • Give a brief description of who you are.
    • Include your interests and hobbies.
    • Be explicit about what you will do and what you will not do.
      • Don’t be afraid to list what you won’t do.
    • Schedule
      • Helps followers know when you’re active.
    • Birthday and age
      • Doesn’t have to be real.
    • Keep information fresh and updated to entice more viewers
  • Choose a stage name
  • Look for a high-quality image about yourself.
    • Target Selection
      • Viewers will be enticed by the images you select
      • Fetishes and kinks
  • Setting up your room for camming
    • Secure
      • No interruptions or unexpected visitors.
    • Minimum Distractions
      • Have the focus be on you.
    • Privacy
      • Nothing that gives away your location.
  • Attracting viewers, followers and tips
    • Be talkative and friendly
      • The more you engage, the more tips you make.
    • Build friendships
      • You want your viewers to be comfortable with you
  • Why do we get tipped with tokens instead of “money”?
    • Universal Currency
      • Tokens help avoid conversion rates between all the currencies
    • Private (Crypto)
      • Tokens are private.
  • Do I need to look like a model?
    • Personality and confidence are key
  • How much can I earn?
    • Private shows-pay by the minute
    • Goal shows-set a tip goal and time limit
    • Tips-members can tip at anytime
  • Are there any fees at all?
    • More commission than any other site. The model makes 85%.
  • Privacy and Security
    • Age and identity must be verified
      • None of your personal information will be available on the site
    • Geo-blocking
      • You can block areas, so your profile cannot be viewed in the selected area

What should you write on your camming profile?

A striking profile is a great tool to pull in clients to your shows. In the case of pay per minute’s site, most of the prospects will go through the profile before they decide to spend money on you. Therefore, you should make every effort to ensure that your profile looks polished and striking in the eyes of your target customer. You want your profile to be intriguing and unique to bring more viewers to your shows.

Look for a high-quality image about yourself.

Look for an attention-grabbing image of yourself. The image should be colourful and show your smile. A picture says a thousand words. Ensure that it tells a good story about you to your clients.

Make sure to fill out your photo gallery. Take no less than five seductive pictures for the spread. Do not show them your essentials for it will kill their need to come and pay for your show. Pick one of the best images as your main profile image. Always leave things to the imagination, so your viewers will want to pay to see more of you.

Target Selection

What picture you use can determine who you attract. If you are using a picture that mostly shows legs, you would attract leg fetish viewers. If you are using a picture that looks cute, you are targeting customers who like cute women. You can also choose kink images to attract different viewers.

Choose a Stage Name

All of the sites will tell you to choose a stage name different from your real name. Your real name will be hidden from the clients. Choose a name that is easy to recall and write. Remember, your loyal clients will be looking for you with that name. If they cannot locate you with ease, they will go to the next model.

Give a Brief Description of Who You Are

Tell your audience something great about yourself. It could be what you love doing most and the pleasure they expect from watching your shows. Tell them what you will be doing in front of the cam. Mention your fetishes and kinks so that they are tagged by the search engines and the site robots.

Avoid giving any personal information on the public profile, such information as the location, age, email address, and so forth should never be shared. This is essential for your own safety and ensuring that you follow the rules.

Include Your Interests and Hobbies

In addition to other information, be sure to share your interests and hobbies with the clients, remember, you are selling fantasy wrapped in sexual seduction. Your clients would like to feel like they know you to make them feel more comfortable. You are creating a stage presence, so you can the truth or create a completely new personality. However, be careful not to give yourself away by giving intricate information of where you do your favourite activities.

Be explicit about what you will do and what you will not do

There are so many acts that you can perform in front of the cam. You might not be comfortable performing some of them. Therefore, it is important to choose what to do and write it on the profile and write what you do not do. The sexual boundary will be a great tool to manage your clients when they demand things that you are not comfortable doing. You can always change this area should you start performing acts that you did not initially do. You are in charge of your performance.


Tell your clients of the expected routine of the shows so that they know when to get you online. The key to getting regular clients is to stick to your schedule.

Birthday and Age

This is up to your discretion. You may tell the real age, cheat or say nothing about it. However, it is a great idea to tell your clients about your birthday. You can use your birthday or a fake birthday to secure gifts and make great offers to your clientele.


Some clients will ask you for the location. You can be vague on this by stating the state or country that you live. It is not important though as it can make you lose clients that are specific to given regions. You can also give a fake location.

Additional Profile Information

You can also include your weight and height. Not that it is very important but helps attract clients that are specific on what they want and fulfil the fantasies of those that love certain weight and height particulars.

Use similar information to promote yourself on social media. The uniformity in the message helps you get the traffic from social media and perform what you promised when they come to your profile. Create a new social media account to portray the character from your cam profile. Ensure that you link to your profile.

If you are not sure if your profile looks great, take a look at what other models have come up with and follow the trend. You can keep adjusting and tuning the information on your site until it sends the message you want to send to your clients.

Do I need to look like a model?

No, it’s not all about looks. Your personality will determine how successful you are. Each customer is looking for a unique type of model. We only recommend you should try to look your best as you’ll feel great, feel confident, and you will naturally be ready to have some fun!

How much can I earn?

There are several ways to earn money working on our sites:

Tips– Members can tip you at any time, whether you’re in free chat, a private show or a goal show. 

Private Shows– Members can take you into a private video chat. You get paid by the minute for as long as you remain in private with the member.

Group Shows– You set a tip goal and a time limit for members to reach the goal. If they reach the goal within your time limit, you perform a group show. 

Privacy and Security

We realize the information we’re requesting on this sign up form is personal in nature. However, US FEDERAL LAW requires us to verify and document your age and identity. This is a secure, encrypted form, and we promise to keep your information confidential. Your personal information, such as address, phone number and real name, will NEVER appear on our website and will NEVER be shared with customers. We allow you to block US states, Canadian provinces and entire countries. If you block an area, users in that area will NOT be able to see you on our sites. We do NOT make your videos publicly available on our websites, nor will they appear on any other sites.

What do I need to become a model?

You need to be 18 years old or older, have valid identification, have a webcam, computer, and internet connection. You need quality equipment to ensure the best experience for your viewers.

Are there any fees at all?

No not at all, we do not ask for any fees from you, it’s completely free! So whether you want to become a cam girl or cam guy or even couples you can be sure that you are in the best of hands with Aqua Exotic Cam Girls!

Earn extra cash at home and become a Webcam Model. Work hours that suit you and host your own webcam show.