The logistics behind a remunerative live cam show

The logistics behind a remunerative live cam show

The focus behind our blogs has always been to add value to content creating live cam girls. In the first blog of our popular cam girl series, we talked a bit about the logistics needed to achieve success in this highly competitive niche. However, we feel this area deserves a bit more of a deep dive. We see so many hot and beautiful cam models on the internet who miss out on these aspects. They spend a lot of time online but don’t make money due to bad lighting, low camera quality, etc. However, due to whatever reasons, they do not invest resources in the logistics behind an attractive free cam show. The viewer does not owe you anything and has thousands of other options to choose from. So, you have to tick all the boxes if you’re gonna attract the paying users. Otherwise, you will only attract pervs who won’t give you a single tip and keep bothering you the whole time. To prevent such a situation from happening, let us focus on the backend of how to give your users the best possible naked live cam experience!

The equipment needed for free live sex cams

The first thing you need is high-speed internet. No viewer likes to watch free live adult cams feeds that sputter and pause. It is essential to invest in an internet connection of at least 100 Mbps speed so that you face absolutely no issues. Also, take care to ensure that the space you broadcast in has proper access to this connection. We have seen WiFi issues put a break on some highly remunerative cam sessions. It is such small issues that can lead to a considerable reduction in payouts for cam performers. You would not want such a disaster to occur with your free cam show, right?

Laptop: The next thing on your live cam chat checklist should be a computer. If you do not have it, you need to purchase a device as it will probably be the most significant investment you have to make. There is a reason why most live cam performers use laptops. It gives you the ability to move around during a performance, adding to your comfort and giving your viewers different backgrounds to look at.

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Webcams, and all that jazz!

Some people might ask us the need for a webcam when laptops come with inbuilt ones? The answer again lies in the quality and small details. Viewers instantly switch from low quality feeds to ones of better quality, irrespective of the content. HD Webcams (720 p and above) from a brand such as Logitech will give your audience crystal clear viewing quality. If you really wish to go the whole hog, you might even buy a video camera, priced in the range of hundreds of dollars. However, when you start off, a webcam will suit you just fine. Once you start making some real dough, you can turn the movie director with a heavy-duty video cam. After all, art does not come for free!

In many live couple sex cam shows, we find that we cannot hear the performers clearly, and it hampers the experience. This might be because some background music may be playing, or the performers might be far away from the laptop speakers. Most high paying viewers demand the complete audiovisual experience and will not hesitate to switch to other performers if they are not satisfied. You can go with a microphone for excellent audio quality to increase your naked live cam’s interactivity quotient. You should also think of using a splitter to broadcast conveniently on multiple sites. First, check on the site if you are allowed to do so? In this way, you can earn more from the same performance!

You would also do well to get a wireless keyboard and mouse to enhance your comfort and moveability during a free cam show. Sometimes, you need to communicate via chat with your viewers while performing, and these devices can ease that process. If you are broadcasting through a desktop, these become essential to give you an element of flexibility.

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Lighting can be a mood enhancer or a buzzkill!

Many performers don’t pay adequate attention to this aspect of their performance. Even the hottest live squirt cam can fizz out if the lighting is sub-par, as viewers cannot see what is going on! It would be a shame for all that effort to go down the drain. Most live cam models perform in closed, private spaces that need a dose of artificial lighting. The lighting needs to be just right. Too bright light hurts the eyes, while too dark is utterly pointless as the viewers just cannot see what is happening! Soft lighting is what you need to achieve so that the users can comfortably watch your performance without straining their eyes. While standard room lights can do the job if you get your angles right, you can also invest in lighting equipment to add the element of mood to your armory. The best choice is 3 point lighting. You can purchase a 3 point lighting kit from a site such as Amazon or set it up yourself. In this aspect, your own creativity can go a long way in achieving the desired effect. For example, you do not need colored lighting, just put a colored cloth over the light/lamp, and get the desired result!

Finally, we’d like to say that you don’t need everything in one shot. You can slowly start building your equipment to improve the standard of your live cam show. If you cannot afford it, for the time being, put up a wishlist on your profile, and maybe your patrons can help you out! In the next post, we will talk about sex toys that you can use during your free cam show.

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Becoming a successful live cam model: Other online revenue sources

Becoming a successful live cam model: Other online revenue sources

We sincerely hope you’ve gained something tangible from our series of posts on making a viable profession out of camming. The pandemic has led to a massive increase in the number of live cam girls on well-known sites. That has made it much more challenging to sustain your career only with tips from viewers of a live cam show. You need a much broader strategy to succeed now. We have repeatedly stressed the fact that you need to position yourself as a brand on the internet. Well, the advantages of doing so include the ability to rake in money from diversified sources. This post will explore less-explored avenues that can provide a stable income and make camming a lucrative profession for you. All of these platforms are quite mature and lucrative if you can garner the attention of their users. In some of them, fans pay a subscription to access your content, and you get a regular source of income. However, some of these sites have cracked down on adult content creators, but there are ways through which you can navigate such obstacles. Another issue with these sites is that your content can be copied and posted on the internet. There are sites such as ‘Yiff.Party’ that have become an accessory to such practices. The sad thing is that there’s not much help that such sites offer to creators to take down content, but according to us, that’s a risk you have to take. We always try to provide complete information to our readers so that they can make an informed decision.


Till 2017, Patreon was the go-to platform for camgirls, and everything was hunky-dory. Then, like many other social networks, it started going after adult performers, especially live cam girls. If you want to gather subscribers who pay for content on this platform, you will have to straddle a fine line. You will need to engage with your fans and be careful with NSFW content, as that is a sure-shot way of getting your account banned. You need to be creative in using the platform and share unique content that makes your fans happy. Otherwise, people will not pay money to subscribe to your account on this site.

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Snapchat Premium

As you would know, Snapchat is a social network that is popular among millennials because of its privacy and user-friendly nature. Over the years, it has become a viable revenue source for adult performers. The mechanics of the income funnel work on this platform work like this. You can offer access to your Snapchat content to users for a fee. Also, you can interact and share messages with these users. It is this feature that is driving the popularity of this platform for consumers of adult content. No other social network on date offers such intimate proximity to the girl that you see on a free cam show! As it is not an official feature of Snapchat, you will have to take the help of a third party such as Fancentro to collect subscription fees. Through such sites, you can sell access for a monthly or yearly period or even for a lifetime. These sites also have a dedicated user base that you can tap. One of the primary ways to promote your account is to participate in takeovers of other profiles, especially adult websites that offer these services. You can also publicize your Snapchat on other social media and on your public profile on the site.

One of the things that you need to realize is that posting adult content, and accepting payments are not allowed by Snapchat. Theoretically, it could ban all those accounts indulging in such activity, but it hasn’t happened until now, and it is a chance that both you and your subscribers should be willing to take! Similarly, you can sell access to your Instagram profile, but there is a pretty high possibility of a ban if you post adult content!

If you don’t go through a third party and use a payment service provider such as PayPal, you need to be careful. The moment they find out that you are selling adult services, you will likely forfeit all the money in your account. It usually happens when some user uses the chargeback option and has to describe to the provider as to why he or she wants the amount to be reversed.

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Only Fans/Loyal Fans

Due to the risks that come with the above subscription models, some adult-friendly subscription sites have emerged. The most prominent among these sites is Only Fans, and a lot of adult performers have moved to this subscription-based site. Since inception, the site claims to have paid out more than 1 billion dollars to performers, an amount not to be scoffed at! The model is similar to the others, wherein you sell access to content at a monthly price. The platform has not been without its share of controversy. The popular adult model Bella Thorne was recently in the news for earning a whopping 2 million dollars in one week on this platform! The alleged malpractices used to make this amount have led to significant changes in site policy after many subscribers asked for refunds. But this does indicate the massive money-making potential of this platform for performers on free live sex cams! Loyal Fans is another site conducive to adult content and has started gaining a bit of traction with performers.

With this, we come to an end to our series of posts on some crucial tips to achieve success, and stand out from the crowd of live cam girls on the internet! We’ll come back with more useful content in the future!

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Becoming a successful live cam model: Creating a viable online brand for yourself

Becoming a successful live cam model: Creating a viable online brand for yourself

At any given point of the day, hundreds, if not thousands of live cam girls are broadcasting to an online audience. Many people log onto the internet to watch a naked live cam, but they are not sure where to go. The fight is to direct these viewers to your performance, and it is not an easy thing to achieve. In the previous blog, we focused on using social media to lead the audience to your live cam show. The internet is a much larger place than what these popular social networks would have you believe. There are more traffic sources that you can target once you’ve started gaining some traction on the major webcam sites. The primary source of traffic on the internet is the search engine, and you need a broad strategy to ace this funnel. Search engines do give preference to social media, and we have covered that in our previous post in much detail. In this post, we will discuss organic ways to build your online viewership so that you can earn more from your live cam show on our site.

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Identify your online positioning

When you’re really serious about making it big as a live cam girl, then you should really think about how you want to position your services. You must identify a segment that you can cater to, such as teen, milf, redhead, etc. Each of these is a niche in its own right and has thousands of dedicated viewers willing to spend if they like what they see. If you cannot decide yourself, then try and figure out how your viewers perceive you when you perform. You can do this by observing the language they use on chat forums on free cam shows. Your free cam show audience can tell you a lot, but only if you take their feedback into account. The importance of this identification is that you can start targeting search results for these categories. The other way to influence the search engine is to build your own site. In the next part of this post, we will tell you exactly how to go about it.

Building your personal website

One of the ways that you can promote yourself as a brand is to build a website. Only performers who have skin in the game usually create a site as they know that it is primarily a one-time investment of resources to develop a permanent identity on the World Wide Web. The first thing to ask yourself is that do you really need a site? If you really are in the space for the long haul, only then should you go for this option. Otherwise, you can make do with the inventive use of social media to engage with your followers and increase viewership numbers.

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It does not have to cost you a lot of money, but you must be careful about how you position yourself on the site. You must remember that the site’s purpose is to communicate about your services to a broader audience. Thus, it must link to all the places that you perform on or sell content on. All your communication on the site must be done to establish you in the identified niche. For this, there is no need to share any kind of personal information, but you can share things that your fans might want to know. Tell them a bit about your sexual kinks, and you might make them thirsty for more! You can take inspiration from the sites of famous live cam girls such as Vicky Vixxx as to how you should brand your website. You can also use the blog section to express your opinions and give your fans a chance to read your thoughts. You do need to remember that these posts must also contribute to your positioning.

Many revenue sources open up for you when you have a website to call your own. You can take orders for custom video clips, which has emerged as an additional income source for live cam girls. We would advise you to post one or two free clips so that visitors to your site can sample your performances. Consider this as a form of marketing, and it can yield surprising results. You can also provide a link to an Amazon wish list, and if your admirers really dig you, they can gift stuff from that list. You can also offer them more paid content on your site, or provide links to websites such as Patreon and onlyfans, where they access such content on payment. The other things you can sell on your site is lingerie and other props. You will be surprised at how many dedicated fans purchase such stuff as they want to identify with you! Affiliate marketing can also act as a source of revenue, and you can place banner ads on your site of cam platforms, and other adult services.

The only thing that your website demands from you is the use of your imagination, and the initial setup cost. If you are willing to spare both for long-term gain, you might find that creating a website played a crucial role in achieving your aims as a model of the free live sex cams!

Apart from this, some performers use inorganic ways to boost traffic, such as running ad and PPC campaigns on Google. Also, they pay money for increasing their followers on social media. You can go down that path, but only after you have exhausted organic options. In the next part of this series, we will discuss Patreon and other revenue funnels, such as Loyal Fans, as we feel these deserve your undivided attention. After all, we’re here to assist in any way we can in your journey as a cam girl!

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Becoming a successful live cam model: How to use social media

Becoming a successful live cam model: How to use social media

Some models do so well as live cam girls that they go on to win the Xbiz awards held in some of the most exclusive destinations in the US every year. These girls get an audience in the multiples of thousands each time they come online, and they mint money from their eager fans. Others spend many hours online but sometimes even do not receive a single tip.

So how do the successful ones attain this level of perfection? The answer is that they incorporate the fundamentals of branding in each aspect of their online presence. Every service business in the world desires to go premium so that it can increase its revenues effortlessly. As a live cam girl, you are also a part of a rapidly-growing service segment. Also, as the competition shoots up, you need to differentiate your services from others. To go premium and increase your earnings exponentially, you have to focus on creating a personal brand on the internet. As we said in the last post, this can and must be considered as a necessary investment by you. In the earlier posts, we have sporadically discussed some branding issues such as attitude, interaction with fans, and the creation of channels such as your website and social media accounts. In this post, we will zero down on social media and what you can do to become of the more prominent cam girls going around.

The initial steps

Branding is a slow process, and you need to take it step-by-step to achieve success. The first and natural step is to choose an attractive performer name and write a compelling profile on the live cam show websites. After this, you need to conceptualize what you will perform on the free live adult cams. As we said in our earlier blogs, you need to study what works and then plan your on-screen persona. You must spend some time on this part, as this will go a long way in deciding how your camming career shapes up.

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Social media: A beast you need to master!

As a cam girl, you need to develop an online presence that spans every part of the internet that potential viewers visit. One of the most significant sources of traffic to your free cam show is social media. People these days devote a substantial chunk of their time online on social networks. The user base of these sites is in the billions, so there are not many traffic sources that can match these sites. So, we suggest that you create a handle on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and even TikTok! On social media, you need to regularly communicate with your audience and direct them to your performances on the free live sex cams. In our sub-heading, we called social media as a beast. You will understand why we did so by the end of the post.

Instagram is a crucial medium, and you will get a lot of creative freedom on this picture sharing site. Prominent adult models have hundreds of thousands of followers on this platform. They use it to direct followers to their website, and other spaces for conversion into paying subscribers or buyers of adult products. TikTok has a very young and active audience, and you can easily upload bits of your performances on this application. Video-creation on this site is also effortless. We will talk about Snapchat, Patreon, and in a separate post, as these need your dedicated attention as they can become valuable revenue funnels.

All of these apps have options for paid promotions that you can use to afford to invest a bit in advertising. We advise you to begin organically and put in money only after you are familiar with how to use social media. Roi is a metric that you must also consider when you invest your time and money. Keep measuring outcomes after a fixed period. Identify the content that works with your followers and attracts eyeballs. Drop ruthlessly the stuff that does not work, as it is a waste of your time.

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The pitfalls you need to avoid

The medium can bring many benefits to you, but there are many pitfalls that you need to avoid. Here, you need to be careful about the stuff that you post. Facebook, in particular, has become very strict with adult content, and immediately blocks any post detected with such content.

It is easy to become addicted to these sites, so you need to be disciplined and devote only a fixed amount of time to this medium. On these platforms, you should engage with fans, especially those who are polite and respectful but do not hesitate to block the creeps that abound on the internet. They can cause you a lot of mental trouble and harassment, so you need to steer clear of them. Never share your location online, as that can be an open invitation to stalkers. There have been instances of people harassing girls in real life after seeing them perform on naked live cams. However, this is one of the pitfalls that you can manage if you keep your professional and personal life apart.

If you haven’t shared with your near one’s information about your alternative career, think long and carefully about joining social media. It might damage your relations with family, friends, or boyfriends if they find out through social media. Finally, there is one thing that you must always remember. The message that you must deliver across all these platforms must be a unified one and must reinforce the persona that you wish to project online. If you get this aspect right, then you will see significant traction from this funnel. In the next blog, we will focus on creating your website, and other things you can do to garner traffic to your shows on the free live adult camsites.

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Becoming a successful live cam model: Developing an entrepreneurial mindset

Becoming a successful live cam model: Developing an entrepreneurial mindset

Camming has emerged as one of the most significant revenue streams for adult models. As we have said elsewhere, the shift from porn sites to adult webcam sites is expected to continue, making this niche even more lucrative. However, this trend also means that everyone and their aunt is shifting to this platform! The pandemic has also made a lot of smart girls lose their jobs. They are at home with nothing to do, so they have also begun thinking of broadcasting on a live cam show to earn instant money. Such a high level of competition makes it even harder to succeed for a newcomer to succeed. In the previous 2 parts of this blog, we have explained many essential elements that will help you in your quest to make camming a viable profession for you. In the third part, we will focus more on the monetary part of things, as that is the point of all this hard word, isn’t it?

Think like an entrepreneur!

There is a secret to succeeding in this niche, and that quite simply is professionalism. The highest-earning cam girls run their set up like a proper business. They focus on marketing, differentiation, engagement, and post-sales service. These girls also attempt to develop alternate streams of revenue. It is only after such efforts that they make thousands of dollars as live cam girls. While this may intimidate you at first and seem like a bit of corporate jargon, we will help you understand the practical aspects. You can do a lot of things at your own level, even when you start off alone. The important thing is taking the initiative and trying out new stuff!

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Assistance while performing

When you think as a businesswoman, many ideas can come to your mind to convert your viewers as a paying customer. The first one is to get some moderators for your live cam show. So, what do these guys do? They perform a simple task that has been a part of the service industry for long. You know how newly-opened restaurants and even casinos hire people to act as customers; so others look at them and get encouraged to consume whatever they are selling. Then, service businesses also hire bouncers to ensure that decorum is maintained, and the bad apples do not spoil the whole show. When you start a free cam show, you need to focus more on the act, as you are new to it. At that time, these moderators can help you. They act as mediators and negotiate prices with the viewers who desire to see specific actions. In free live sex cams, these guys ensure that they tip small amounts constantly so that the viewers feel that this is a performance worth paying for. They also encourage others to show appreciation to the model in the form of tips. They are also highly helpful if you are not comfortable with English or whatever language most of your viewers use to communicate with you. Then, they kick out the troublemakers that inevitably arrive on the free live adult cams. These include rude viewers, stalkers, cheapskates, and those who spam your webcam chat with links and offers for other sites. Such users can irritate and even discourage genuine viewers from visiting your live cam show. The most important thing about the moderators is that they do all this for free! You are under no obligation to pay them, though you can do so if you feel that they have contributed to an increase in your earnings.

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Fans and followers

After the mods, we come to your fan club and followers. Always encourage your viewers to become your followers first, so they know when you’re broadcasting. Treat your followers well, and ensure that they remain updated if you are going to do something special or elaborate. As for the fan clubs, only viewers who tip you can become a part of this. Ensure that whenever a member of your fan club comes online, you treat him well. Give them better prices on clips, pics, and other products you sell. Make them promoters of your cause, and give them loads of credit for helping you out. There are not a lot of things that can come close to genuine appreciation from a hot woman! Take advantage of this and dole out praise generously.

Alternate revenue streams

As a live cam girl, you will have good and bad days. Sometimes, the rut might last for weeks and months. You need to diversify your sources of income to ensure that you can survive during such times. There are some alternative ways through which you can earn as a live cam model. You have the opportunity to sell steamy pics and clips on your profile page, and also on platforms such as manyvids. You can also monetize your website and social media channels such as Snapchat, Patreon, and OnlyFans. Models have the option of selling self-branded products on your website/eCommerce sites. Once you develop your site, you can also generate passive income through affiliate marketing. We will have a detailed discussion on some of these topics in the next post, in which we will have an in-depth analysis on the branding aspect of this niche.

Initially, you can do all of this on your own, but once the cash register starts ringing, we suggest that you get help from professionals who specialize in branding, marketing, and direct sales. They can help you make it big, as they have both the expertise and the time to implement solutions for you. Consider it as an investment, and you will have very few reasons to regret having made such a move!

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