The most loved acts on free live sex cams- Part 4

The most loved acts on free live sex cams- Part 4

The world of porn keeps rocking to new tunes every few days! You might have heard of the ‘futanari’ fetish that is sweeping the world of free live adult cams. Taking inspiration from Japanese pop culture and hentai, it features ladies sporting male sex organs above their own! Trends or fashions such as these regularly play out in this segment, and you would do well to take advantage of them! In this latest series of ours, we have focused on particular acts that can attract the audience you need to make a money-making live cam show. In this one, we will throw a bit of light on some more remunerative roleplay acts in the raunchy world of free live sex cams! While you are only limited by your creativity and your execution skills as to what is possible, it would be better to stick to high-traffic niches at first. Once you get comfortable as a performer and achieve some rewards for your efforts, it is the time to start experimenting!

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Killing it with cosplay!

This blog will primarily focus on this category, a personal favorite of many adult cammers. You can say it all started with the popularity of hentai, which became a rage both in Japan and the rest of the world. After that, the art of cosplay evolved, with women from across the world adding their own twists and turns! In this act, the performers pick a pop culture genre and use a costume that reflects this genre. They may also choose an iconic character and add their personal touch to the role. One of the reasons this category is so popular is that you can experiment a lot with costumes and looks. Women love to make up and get dressed, and our hot live cam girls are no different! This is also an actual roleplay because you capture the essence of a character you cannot be in your real life. Thus, all the inhibitions and the hesitancy can be swept aside, and the performer inside you can take full flight! Another thing that adds to the popularity of cosplay is that the performer’s identity remains hidden if she so desires. Many women don’t want to share their real identity as that can cause many issues, yet they want to perform on the free live sex cams. This genre gives them that chance, and many grab it with both hands!

Some of the popular roles in cosplay have been characters from anime series, Game of Thrones, and other super heroines such as Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn. You need not choose only a famous name, but what is more important is that you identify with the role. It would be great if you have similar looks or mannerisms with the figure you want to play on screen, as the resemblance would give the audience something concrete to identify with! For example, when you can’t do without spectacles; it would be better to represent a character such as Welma from the Scooby-Doo series! If you can pull it off, you could also explore the dorky or nerdy side of your fav characters, as it will give the viewers of the free live adult cams a whole new flavor!

Another aspect to explore is making topical cosplay at a particular time of the year. For example, Halloween cosplays are a very profitable segment for live cam hotties, and you don’t need a lot of dough to make it happen. Just use your Halloween costumes, and come to play on your live cam show! There are plenty of other occasions that you can take advantage of and execute the perfect seasonal cosplay performance!

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Tips for cosplay performances

Now, let us move onto the actual execution of the gig. Like in so many aspects of the adult webcam industry, a dose of initial research will go a long way to ensure success. Spend some time in the identification of the best character for you to portray. Then, browse through multiple looks online, and choose the one that suits you. Start with simple props and costumes, nothing too elaborate. After you become used to the routine, then you can go for the jugular! E-Commerce websites such as Amazon are a treasure trove for costumes and props, and you have a wide range to explore before coming to a decision!
It is essential to rehearse properly to ensure no hiccups on the naked live cam. You should plan a routine like with other acts so that there are no periods of inaction, which can prove to be a turn off for your audience. Finally, it is imperative to enjoy yourself, as it gives the viewers the vibes they are looking for and makes them want to stay longer! One way of doing so is by sticking to characters and series that you love so that you can bring out the hidden nuances! The watchers of your free cam show want to be taken on a ride, and if you can do that, they will make it worth your while!

Some more spicy acts!

Once you get the hang of the roleplay segment, there is no limit to what you can do on the free live sex cams! There are scores of niches waiting to be exploited, such as cuckold, chastity, jerk off instructions, smoking, and small penis humiliation, each with its own set of dedicated fans. Some of the other roles that people might like to see on a live couple sex cam include teacher-student, slave and mistress, and even naughty neighbors! These flights of fantasy add variety to your shows and attract a wide range of audiences. Give them what they like, and they will become loyal fans who will ensure a steady income for you!

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The most loved acts on free live sex cams- Part 3

The most loved acts on free live sex cams- Part 3

In the previous two posts, we have covered many fetishes and kinky performances that garner high viewer traffic. This post and the next one will discuss the various forms of roleplay and why they are in demand. In this time of the pandemic, people anyways are feeling sexually repressed as the action is scarce, as most public places are restricted. In such times, their innermost desires demand attention and can lead to frustration if left unfulfilled.

Most viewers have fantasies that they have hidden from the world so that they won’t be judged and criticized. The fact that some of these desires are forbidden or censured makes them even more irresistible! After all, human beings love the thrill of exploring topics or feelings deemed taboo by society. It is as if we are programmed to rebel and can only do so online, as there is a price to pay in everyday life. If you have any doubts about this statement, go and check the popular videos on porn sites!

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Live Cam shows- anonymous and amenable to explore your fantasies!

In the anonymity offered by the free live sex cams, most of the users feel empowered to explore their kinks. No one here deprecates them for having such thoughts. Instead, they are encouraged to indulge these thoughts by some of the most beautiful live cam girls on the world wide web! Some of these kinks can be even seen on a free cam show, with thousands of other viewers!

For a special consideration or tip, these women will take the viewers on a journey where no desire is forbidden! Interactivity is what makes these roleplays so highly sought after. The connection with the opposite sex, often missing and hard to get in real life, is available in plenty here. Thus, each viewer’s curiosity is stoked, and if they have the cash, they will be willing to go on such a ride! If they go for a private live cam show, it is a much more intimate encounter. Such an experience can also be recorded so that users can relive that unique feeling again and again! Let us now explore some of the roleplay acts that are popular among users.

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Girlfriend Experience: Intimacy Guaranteed!

Well, we all crave for intimacy in our lives! However, some of us are too busy in life to have the time required for acquiring a girlfriend. Others can be too shy and find it a bit hard to make a pass at the woman of their choice. Then there are those people who do not like to commit and feel stifled within relationships. These are the people who are the top customers of strip clubs and free live adult cams as they have insatiable appetites! They adore the fact that they can get a different woman online each day, from any part of the world! Also, girls these days need to be pampered and are a demanding lot. You have to struggle hard to get one to accept your proposal. Finally, even if the users are in a relationship, not many can resist alone time with a live cam hottie! All these reasons make the GirlFriend Experience a hot property on adult webcam sites!

One more thing, this is a fantasy that is best had in a private chat room, as you can’t convey the feeling of intimacy in a free cam show. When you offer such a service, it is essential that you set the ground rules and remind users that this is a fantasy. Otherwise, some may take the wrong cues and blur the line between the professional and personal! Most users understand this and just want someone with whom they can spend some intimate moments, and if you can give that to them, they will not hesitate to loosen their wallets! When you begin such a roleplay, try and get comfortable with the person on the other side of the cam. Ask them about their day and their likes and dislikes, giving them a chance to unwind and relax. Then, slowly move to the sexual parts of the performance, as per the wishes of the viewer. Tease him, tantalize him, and make him hungry for more! Finally, give him what he wants, and pleasure him all you can! In the show, do not forget to bestow the users with lots of compliments and appreciation. After all, if you can satisfy them emotionally and sexually, you will have a fan for life! This is how a girlfriend behaves in real life, and if you can replicate it, you’ve got a winner on your hands!

You can also take this performance to the next level by personalizing the service even more. To ‘feel’ the connection, users might demand to stay in touch throughout the day. You can do this through premium Snapchat or a paid text service. Be transparent with the users on the costs and your availability. If you set the boundaries and stick to them, this can also be remunerative, without affecting your personal life too much.

An easier way of providing GFE is to make custom clips and sell on your website or others such as ManyVids. Monetizing such clips can be a bit tough as there is a lot of competition in the space. You have to compete with the queens of roleplay such as Tara Tainton, Xev Bellringer, and many others who have been in the field for years! One of the things you can do is find out about the paying member’s likes and dislikes and customize your performance accordingly! We hope you gained a bit of insight through this post. In the next post, we will explore Cosplay and a few other aspects of roleplay where you can make considerable money on a naked live cam!

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The most loved acts on free live sex cams- Part 2

The most loved acts on free live sex cams- Part 2

Let us continue with the acts that can get you viewer eyeballs on the free live sex cams. Spicing up your routines makes it interesting for you and attractive for the audience. Without further ado, let us get into the fetishes that people love to see on their devices!

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Anal/Ass/Foot/ Nipple Fetishes

We have not devoted a separate section for each of these, as the underlying theme remains the viewer’s fascination with a particular body part. The most common of these is the ass/anal fetish, and it is best indulged in when you are performing on a live couple sex cam. If you have the booty, you must let it do its duty and rake in the money! However, you must be prepared for penetration, as booty-shaking alone will not take you far. You can find women twerking on almost every second or third naked live cam! Thus, you need to level up to gain the attention of the viewer.

The anal fetish can be done alone too, but you need to be careful about hygiene and comfort. Before exhibiting an anal performance on a free cam show, we advise a lot of rehearsal and practice so that you and your partner become accustomed to this form of sexual activity. Your partners have an equally important role, as they should know precisely how far to go before they cause you discomfort. Keep many towels/lubes/vibrators handy to make the experience smooth and seamless for both the participants. There is also the ass licking fetish that some people have, and you can perform it on request.

The next fetish is associated with the nipples. After all, what man in his right mind can ignore a set of perfectly shaped breasts? It can involve a whole lotta pinching, sucking, and fondling. This can be both done alone or with a partner. Lesbians can especially explore this fetish in quite some detail, and chances are that your audience will love it!

A fascination with human feet is also not uncommon on the free live adult cams these days! Some people are turned on by the sight of dirty feet, but most would want the performer to indulge in the licking and sucking of toes. Doing it depends wholly on your comfort, and also your flexibility if you are performing alone!

Apart from these, some people get horny by sweaty underarms or long tongues and can pay a tidy sum if live cam girls go along with their wishes. You can make an income and comfort tradeoff, and make a decision on whether to agree with the demand or not. Mostly, it can be a bit of harmless fun, but the moment you feel uneasy, you should say no, and stop.

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Bring in more people!

If you are performing alone, there is a chance of repetition in your live cam show. A single person, no matter how talented, is bound by several constraints. You can mix and match, and keep adding to your repertoire, but that too has its limits. One of the easier ways to add spice to your performance is to bring in another person/s. Have a conversation with him/her, and explain what exactly is expected. Assure them that you will be there to steer the free cam show and fix issues if something does not go according to plan.

In this segment, the lesbian cam shows attract the maximum eyeballs. If you can get another girl to come with you on your cam, you will undoubtedly attract more attention—the number of items you can perform increases. In this case, you can think of licking her clit/ass, playing with her breasts, and a lot of other things that can turn on your viewers! Or you can give the viewers the pleasure of watching two women masturbating away to glory! If you can get a man to perform with you, you can explore the exciting blowjob genre. People just love watching chick swallowing up dicks, and you can capture an entirely new segment of viewers. A whole lotta anal opportunities also open up for the both of you. Indulging in BDSM and roleplay can also give you great results if you do it as a pair. It would be best if you got your romantic companion on with you, and you can show off your chemistry to the world! This is only if your partner is comfortable with this, and you have revealed your identity to him/her.

In the real world, the concept of threesomes is gaining acceptance, and there is a similar trend on free live adult cams. You can create any kind of combination- Two guys with a girl, a guy with 2 girls, or even all 3 girls together- they all might work! Some people love watching all the holes of a girl being serviced by cocks, while others have different preferences. They love having the girls in the majority, as they can visualize themselves in the situation in place of the male! Here also, the scope of the show increases as you can do a lot more. You can show your audience a gangbang, or an orgy too. Both these segments have a set of fanboys who are crazy about such shows. Incorporating such elements into free live sex cams increases the size of the target audience. If performed correctly, each of these new elements can bring in additional revenue. Also, performing alone can become a tedious task for you. Bringing in more people will make you happier as you can explore your erotic boundaries and satisfy someone else. This will naturally make your webcam show appealing to a higher number of users! In the next post, we will focus on roleplay and how you can use it to add oodles of sex appeal to your performances!

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The most loved acts on free live sex cams- Part 1

The most loved acts on free live sex cams- Part 1

Viewers of adult webcam sites love watching a live cam show that turns them on! Some do not have a definite preference and love the format’s unpredictability, while others have set likes and dislikes. We have narrowed down the most popular acts among fans through our experience and extensive research on the niche. While performing such an act can help you tap the dedicated fans of the segment, you also need to keep experimenting. A show that is performed too often becomes stale, a strict no-no for a successful live cam girl.

This post will discuss the different sexual acts that you can perform to keep your content fresh and attractive to viewers. Also, it helps if you can add items such as sensual dancing to your armory as that can add to the erotic quotient of your live cam show. It can also keep you in a good mood during the time you perform. That ensures that you deliver the best possible performance every single time!

You should also aim to build a sense of excitement and anticipation among your fans regarding these acts. Let them realize that you are doing something special for them, and make them wait for it, with a bit of erotic foreplay. Use social media to tantalize your followers about what you have planned for them! If you get them excited in anticipation, you have them exactly in the position that you want!

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Despite all the negative rap it gets, many people are now into masturbation as in the times of the pandemic, it helped keep their lust under control. After all, it is the closest that you can get to the real thing if you don’t have a partner with you! The webcam live sites’ patrons like to watch hot and sexy girls get busy with their bodies. Most of them imagine being with the performer while masturbating, and this gets them real hard! Spend an hour on a popular cam site, and you will find many examples of such a show. Viewers love to see girls masturbating and having an orgasm in front of the camera. The question for you arises if so many webcam girls are doing this, then how do you differentiate. Use your creativity, take the help of toys such as vibrators, and make this the final goal of a particular free cam show. Do not overdo the emotion, as it comes off as fake, but gradually up the tempo and give yourself and the users a pleasurable climax. If you get the pace and the emotion right, you have a blockbuster naked live cam right there!

The advantages of this activity are that you don’t need many props or equipment. You also will derive a whole lotta pleasure, making it a win-win for both you and the viewers! You also have the option to do so only in private chat or cam to cam conversation with your viewers. Some high-rollers are willing to blow big bucks on an intimate erotic interaction, where both of you can climax simultaneously. By performing such acts, you give yourself an excellent chance to attract these tippers!

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This is another one of cam land’s favorite fetishes, which is relatively less explored than the first one. The reason for this is that not everyone is comfortable with this concept. If you are into this stuff, you will find it easy to replicate on the screen. If not, you really need to think about whether you want to do it or not, because hesitation and lack of interest will be captured by the camera! You will also need a bit of equipment such as whips, handcuffs, and blindfolds to execute the act. Also, you need to be able to derive pleasure out of domination and submission. An excellent place to start exploring this genre is this post. You have the option of partnering with a companion to execute this act appropriately and make an exciting live couple sex cam for the viewers. You can also offer this activity to your private and cam-to-cam viewers, as you can get really up close and personal with them. Some men want a dominatrix to punish them, and if you are up for it, you can make a lot of money! You really have to get the attitude right for the dominatrix part, and then you can punish people all the way to the bank! Finally, we would like to repeat that you should only incorporate BDSM into your performance if you become comfortable with the concept. Otherwise, it can lead to mental distress and a lack of confidence, none of which will help you in your career on the free live sex cams.


Squirting is another of the wonders of the female body. There is a bit of mystery about how it actually happens, so viewers like to throng the live squirt cams and get their daily erotic high from these performances. This is one of the headline acts that can attract the big bucks on both porn sites and adult webcam sites.

Again, not all women are capable of squirting, and you need to realize that before you start thinking of adding this to your repertoire. If you can squirt when aroused, you can keep this superpower one of your tipping goals or offer this option only to your private chat users. There are some useful online guides that you can consult before exploring this activity. If you can conveniently execute it, and after doing it many times in the comfort of your personal space, you can offer the viewers the option of watching you squirt away to glory if they can afford it!

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Top things to avoid for live cam girls!

Top things to avoid for live cam girls!

In the previous blogs, we have given a lot of information on things that will help you in your adult cam career. For the live cam girls, the main focus has to be on engaging the viewers of their live cam shows. An engaged viewer will not hesitate to tip the performer. The adult webcam industry is a service-oriented one, and the customer/user remains the king or queen! Sometimes performers are too caught up in the nuances of their performance and forget this basic fact. As one of the most sophisticated operators in the webcam segment, it pains us to see a performer make avoidable mistakes and lose potential earnings. In this blog post, we will talk about the common mistakes made by live cam girls and how you can avoid them.

Don’t be rude!

In the service sector, this is a strict no-no and can lead to loss of jobs. The advantage of being a webcam girl is that you are your own boss, and no one can sack you. However, if you develop a reputation for being rude and impolite, then it will start affecting your earnings. However, this certainly does not mean that you don’t be firm in encounters with the perverts that you will often encounter on these sites.

The first thing to do is to be polite and civil to all your free cam show viewers. Always have a smile on your face, and give your viewers the attention they deserve. You will have to realize that most will be freeloaders, and there is nothing you can do about it. That is the way the adult industry is structured, and we all have to live with it. However, you never know when a person who was watching your show for free decides to transform into a paying viewer. You have to make that choice easy for them by always being gracious in front of the camera. Once they are emotionally connected with you, then they will want to see you happy. After all, even Hollywood celebs have to set a part of their busy schedules for their fans, don’t they?

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Second, there is no need to accept the requests of all those who enter the adult cam chat. You can quickly identify the perverted types once you’ve been on the cam circuit for a bit. These will be people who won’t have any credits but will demand even more than a high paying patron. You can give them a gentle warning about pushing your limits, but if they continue to do so, then they deserve a ban! Some spam your chat boxes with promotional messages. Feel free to show these viewers the boot without wasting any time!

However, sometimes doing some erotic stuff for free can give you high dividends, especially on very slow days, where nothing seems to be happening, and none of your regulars seem to be around. On these days, it is up to you to raise the tempo and get your viewers’ pulses racing! Give them a sample of what is to come if they start appreciating your skills with their wallets! Once the tips begin to follow, you can go back to your usual way of functioning. Other days, you might get tips by just socializing with your viewers. As we have mentioned earlier, we have seen some live couple sex cams where the couples were just conversing with the viewers and made a whole lotta dough! As we said, it all depends on making the performance an interactive one for the user.

Do not act bored!

If there is something even more taboo than rudeness in the camming profession, this is it! If you are feeling bored or just not interested in performing on a particular day, do yourself a big favor and take some time off! Recharge your batteries, and think of something fun to do the next time you face the webcam. If you consider camming as just another job where you just have to show up and make money, you are in for a big jolt! A lifeless performance can turn off many potential regulars for good. People may not remember the good times, but they will make lasting associations with something negative. If they develop a bad impression about you from an insipid free cam show, they will most probably never revisit your performance. This is particularly true for your target audience, the few high rollers who frequent adult webcam sites.

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Don’t try to be someone else!

When you are comfortable in your skin, it shows on the camera! It is essential to discover your comfort zone and try to stay there during your performances on the free live sex cams. You might try and copy some mannerisms or acts from other popular cammers, but be sure to add your own touch to them. Otherwise, such actions come across as fake stunts and can be a big turn off to your users!

Don’t divulge personal information!

Your personal life is different from the persona you project on the camera. You must learn to compartmentalize so that both worlds do not collide. This is one of the basics of camming, and one principle you should never ever forget. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, you might divulge some personal information, and it might be misused by unscrupulous viewers against you. This is especially true of social media, and you must be careful when using these sites.

We hope you gained some useful learning from this post, and we will continue sharing such nuggets! If you want to register as a performer on our site, please fill the form here.

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