It takes two to tango! Nuances of a live couple sex cam- Part 2

It takes two to tango! Nuances of a live couple sex cam- Part 2

After reading the first part of this blog, you would have understood that adding another person can be a real boost for your live cam show in so many ways! We also covered aspects such as choosing the right partner and the importance of rehearsals to set you up for a profitable live couple sex cam show. After you’ve covered all the initial ground, you need to focus on what exactly you’re going to do to enthuse your followers and get some more!

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Stick to your strengths!

As a performer on the free live sex cams, it always pays to stick to your strengths. So, if you and your partner love dancing, then start with some sexy moves. You can try twerking or suggestively swaying with the music for an appealing intro to the audience. Depending on their response, you can continue or transition to another activity. If you have a female partner with you, you can convert your live couple sex cam into a striptease if you find that the audience likes what you are doing! Set goals, and take each piece of clothing off when they are achieved by your viewers. In between, give them a bit of variety by getting intimate with your partner! For this act to succeed, both performers must put your body and soul into the performance. Remember, it is the chemistry between the pair that adds erotica to your act! Some other people might love cooking, and we have seen some couples do some erotic cooking live cam shows, where they make love while cooking. As we’ve said before, your comfort level and how you present yourself on camera decide whether you can pull it off.

Some couples may not have distinct strengths and no specific routines in mind. Do not worry; if you are confident and open-minded, you can get on the free cam show and go with the flow! As we mentioned earlier in our post here, something as simple as the two of you sipping on wine and talking about the good things in life can attract viewers. They will even splash their money on you if they like what they see and hear! Everyone loves to gawk at hot couples, especially lesbians. You have a lot of creative liberty if your team is one of them! The key thing to understand here is that the audience wants to live their fantasies, and when you’re doing that, your naked live cam will be a hit for sure! We have seen so many couples discussing with the viewers about their likes, dislikes, whether they smoke or drink, or general life questions to establish a connection. If you can give the viewer the feeling of being a part of the conversation, you have them right where you want them to be!

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Explore each other’s bodies properly!

What is the single biggest drawback of being an individual performer? You lose out on many easy money-making opportunities such as kissing, licking pussies or breasts, and many others. With a partner, you can do them all! This is where the tips from the previous blog come in handy! You need to appropriately communicate with your partner about what to expect and understand each other’s boundaries. Once you know, you can adjust the tip menu accordingly and be open to all suitable offers. Here, it will also be useful if you can make these boundaries clear for the audience. Doing so will ensure that they don’t waste their time trying to get you to do something out of bounds.

Now let us get to the particular acts. You can have as many actions as there are erogenous zones on your body, or even more! For heterosexual couples, blowjobs and pussy licking are the most common activities and can fetch you a broad audience if the lady in question can give an erotic performance. In these kinds of shows, it is vital to ensure that you adjust the camera to provide the audience with the best possible view. You must also ensure that both of you make sensual sounds to give the viewers the most authentic and erotic experience! With other acts like kissing, there are so many varieties that you can explore and offer to the viewers. For example, there is French kissing, spit kissing, and a simple peck on the lips, and you can specify a price for each! For the fucking part also, there are many positions to explore, such as the 69, doggy style, cowgirl, and missionary. Then there’s the anal category, which has its own universe of admirers!

Here’s what you can do to make sure that each position counts! You can specify the period for which you will continue the act in return for a particular amount. You can also keep an activity that you specialize in as a goal for a live cam show. In this way, you can motivate your audience to put in a more considerable sum of money to see their kind of action! There are also lesser-explored niches such as armpit licking and many more that you will find out about once you start your journey as live cam girls. Your viewers have many different fantasies, and they will use you as an instrument to explore them if you are game!

Finally, another category has started gaining popularity, and we define it as a quasi-voyeur niche. Couples try and get it on in a supposedly public or semi-public place, such as a corridor, an office, or even their living rooms! The whole point of such an activity is the thrill of showing you something illicit and restricted! While the entire setting seems to be a bit contrived, we can’t deny that a segment of viewers loves watching such cams. As always, we are on top of such emerging trends so that you can fit them in your routines if you deem fit!

What It’s Like Dating A Cam Girl?

What It’s Like Dating A Cam Girl?

We’ve all watched a live cam show at one point in our life or the other. Some people find it very entertaining, and even a better experience than porn, while others don’t like the idea of watching another person over the webcam.

We always tend to think that personal contact is the best way to go when it comes to sexual satisfaction, no matter if you’re in a relationship or single. Going online and deliberately searching for a girl to have a kinky chat isn’t something that people will admit doing, when in fact, people do it all the time! Even though most people prefer regular porn over live cam shows, there’s still a massive audience for this type of adult entertainment.

Is Being A Cam Girl Profitable?

First of all, being a cam girl is a job like any other. The problem is that the pay isn’t the same every month. For one month’s worth of cam shows a cam girl can earn up to five figures easily while the next month she can barely earn a few hundred dollars. Many factors affect the amount a cam girl can earn per week, but the most important factor is the number of viewers she has. The more people watch her shows, the more tips she’ll get.

Then it comes to the industry average, the numbers are pretty fascinating! The average weekly pay for a cam girl is around $1,100 for around 20 hours spent camming per week. This means that if this was a full-time job (40 hours per week), a cam model could earn almost $3,000 per week.

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Cam Girls Usually Don’t Work More Than 30 Hours Per Week

The great thing about this kind of work is that a cam girl can work when she wants for as long as she wants. We mentioned that the industry average is a little less than 20 hours per week, but the more hours they put in, the more they’ll earn. This is a great thing because she usually has more time for other things.

If you’re interested in dating a cam girl, make sure you’re alright with her profession. Cam girls are something between models and porn actresses. Even though some people tip girls who don’t take off their clothes, it’s much more likely they’ll make some money if they show their most intimate body parts. Cam girls who use different kinds of sex toys and equipment get tipped the most, as well as the models who interact with their viewers, showing the viewers exactly what they want to see.

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Keep An Open Mind If You Want To Date A Cam Girl

There’s a stereotype when it comes to cam girls and people who date them can find it difficult to accept that. The fact that a lot of cam models include nudity in their shows and sometimes even use sex toys doesn’t mean that they’re cheating on their boyfriend or girlfriend. They’re just girls comfortable with their bodies who don’t mind doing all sorts of naughty things while making an honest living. The vast majority of successful cam girls also stated that they have a lot of fun interacting with their patrons.

The fact that the vast majority of cam girls include nudity in their shows isn’t something you should worry about. Yes, people can see her naked, but it doesn’t mean that she’ll be dishonest with you or even cheat on you with someone else. Dating a cam girl is like dating a model. The only difference is that cam girls do their modeling online. Not all models include sexual activities in their shows, so if you’re someone who couldn’t accept something like that, be honest with the girl you’re interested in and talk to her before taking things too seriously.

Would You Be Willing To Join?

It’s not uncommon for cam girls to ask their boyfriends or girlfriends to join them in front of the camera. This is mostly related to cam girls who include sex-related content in their online shows and adding another person to the mix can quickly boost their fan base. With a bigger fan base, the cam models are likely to get more tips as well.

The great thing about camming is that you don’t need to show your face at any given moment, especially if you’re joining your girlfriend in one of her shows. Imagine if you’re just filming yourselves for your private collection. It can actually be a pretty amazing experience! Knowing that someone’s watching you do all sorts of kinky things with your girlfriend can spice things up quickly and you may end up liking it! Although couples aren’t featured so much on cam sites, there’s a huge demand for couple cam shows. You’d be amazed by the number of people that would join your stream if both of you participated in the show.

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Dating A Cam Girl Cam Be Difficult But It Has Its Benefits

The great thing about cam girls is that they’re very open-minded. They’re open to new ideas, new experiences, and usually, kinky sex. Unfortunately, some cam girls take the job too seriously and they can get overly committed to satisfying their fans even when they’re not streaming. This means that a cam girl will spend much more time at the gym, she’ll focus a lot more on a healthy diet plan and most nights, she’ll be working.

There are many things you’ll need to adapt to if you plan on dating a cam girl, but there are a lot of pros to dating one as well. For one, sex is usually mind-blowing. Not because the girl is skilled in bed but because she’s open to trying new things! Also, she’s likely to have a killer-body because her looks have a huge effect on the number of viewers she’ll attract.

If you’re willing to adapt to her lifestyle, you won’t have any issues dating a cam girl. It can be an incredible experience and it’s something that shouldn’t discourage you to start dating the girl you like!

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It takes two to tango! Nuances of a live couple sex cam- Part 1

It takes two to tango! Nuances of a live couple sex cam- Part 1

In most of our blogs, we have discussed the strategies that allow you to stand out from thousands of other live cam girls on the internet. However, there comes a time when you think you have exhausted all possibilities, but mind you, you haven’t! The free live sex cams are well and truly free, at least for you, the performers! On these cams, you have a lot of independence and can make your own creative decisions. However, when you are in such a rut, it is always better to think out of the box. One of the choices that every performer has is getting more people to join in and convert the performance into a live couple sex cam. Well, whatever be your inclination, adding another person to your free live cam show expands the possibilities. In one of our posts here, we showcased some of the options available for a couple- lesbian, anal, and many other fetishes. In this one, we will talk about what you need to keep in mind to deliver the best possible performance.

The choice of a partner is critical

The first thing that you need to consider is who to choose as a partner. Most people are only comfortable revealing their sexual side to a chosen few, so they perform only with their partners or real close friends. Your companion on such a performance is a person you should trust completely. You will have to share space with them on a naked live cam, so both of you should be comfortable with the idea. If there are any such issues, it would be better to shelve the plan or choose someone else. We have many examples of girls performing with their close female friends, as they have not disclosed this side of their lives to their boyfriends. In such a case, a new complication may arise. Both have to think about how sexually comfortable they are with the same gender. We have witnessed some cams where the lesbian couple is clearly not at home in such a setting, making us cringe! Such an act can seriously damage your brand value as a performer, so you need to sit down and discuss all the details thoroughly.

Another aspect that you must reflect on is your partner’s personality. Funny, lively, and engaging people are always a great addition to any live cam show, as there is hardly a dull moment when they are around! They are also ready to explore their sexual boundaries and quickly open up in front of strangers! Howsoever much you plan, some unexpected demand can come up during a performance. Having such a partner will give you the confidence to execute the request. On the other hand, a man or a woman reserved in nature may not be suitable for a free cam show. Again, if you feel that you can make it work, it might be well worth taking the chance, as some people can really own the camera once they get rid of their reluctance!

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Convincing your potential partner to perform

The next part involves actually talking with your potential partner and convincing them to join you. Many live cam girls have entirely separate personal and professional lives. Transcending these boundaries can prove to be a tough choice. You will have to reveal your vocation to another person in your intimate circle. They might judge you and feel betrayed by your earlier lack of trust in their discretion. If you are romantically involved, the situation becomes even more fraught with risk. However, when you have to succeed in a competitive profession, sometimes you are required to rise above the small hesitations that hold you back.

Think carefully about what you will say, and then approach your potential partner tactfully. Observe their response and clearly outline what you have in mind. You should tell them what you expect them to do and your personal experience of the free live sex cams in this conversation. You should also definitely inform them about the money-making potential of the industry. Here, tell them clearly how you intend to split the earnings from the live couple sex cam act so that there are no misconceptions later.

After a proper briefing, give them time to make up their minds; as for them, this is something out of the blue! To ease the decision-making process, allow them to ‘witness’ one of your performances. The first-hand experience of camming will make it easier for them to decide if they have what it takes to come on the free live adult cams! Also, it will make them aware of the massive income potential of this niche. It might make them override their hesitation as there is a lot of money to be made on a naked live cam!

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Planning and rehearsal

The actual job of conceptualizing the performance starts once you get their assent. Again, it pays to spend a bit of time identifying your successful competitors and trying to replicate the same acts on your adult webcam show. Involve your companion right from the beginning, and incorporate their creative inputs. Try and keep it simple at the beginning, and stick to positions and fetishes that both of you can execute with ease. Ensure that your partners are always prepared for the unexpected. Tell them that you will be the one in charge at all times, and they should follow your lead as you are accustomed to the medium’s challenges. After the act has been finalized, you need to rehearse it a few times. Ensure that the rehearsal is being recorded. You can make improvements and check if your chemistry is clicking in front of the camera. Try to become familiar with each other. Find out what the other enjoys and what is out of bounds so that nasty surprises are ruled out. In the next blog, we will expand a bit more on the execution side of your live couple sex cam performance!

Raunch up your act with sex toys- Part 2

Raunch up your act with sex toys- Part 2

As we have discussed in the previous post, sex toys can add a lot of value to your live cam show and increase audience satisfaction by leaps and bounds. After a brief exploration of the interactive sex toys segment, we will look at other toys you can play with on the free live sex cams. There are many sex toys for women that you can experiment with before you pick your favorites. They start from the basic silicone dildos and can range to fuck machines that pound those pussies to pulp! The choice depends on you, your budget, and your comfort with these devices or instruments. However, using sex toys will enhance your own pleasure and allow you to freshen your routines in such a way to make them more attractive to your viewers. Now let us move to the first category without further ado.

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Spice it up with Dildos!

These are the most commonly seen sex toys on the free live adult cams. These can be used in between your routines to give your users the feel of oral sex. Many users have that fetish, and they will love you using that tongue to its full potential. When you are performing on a live couple sex cam with another woman, dildos are almost essential. You can do many kinds of foreplay with these, including the recently popular futanari and cosplay.

In such a situation, a realistic dildo will be the way to go, as you need to give a lifelike experience to the viewer. Also, there are possibilities to be explored in the femdom genre. A dominatrix can’t be resplendent in all her power if she does not have a dick to punish you with! So, you will need to get comfortable with these toys if you want to make it big in the big bad world of BDSM!

One of the best options is glass dildos, as these are easy to handle and clean. They are much more hygienic, as they do not retain bacteria and residue from the previous session and can be cleaned effectively. Contrary to popular belief, these can last quite long if you are careful and manage them well.

Here, we would like to talk about one set of interactive toys that we left out in the previous post. We are about to tell you something about the field of teledildonics, where Kiroo is the clear leader. These devices can be used to raise the erotica quotient of your private naked live cam shows. All serious performers know that private shows are where the real dough is! For this particular kind of act, both you and the viewer should have a version of Kiroo’s sex toys for men and women. For you, our recommendation is the Pearl, while your user can go with the Keon. After you connect, both of you can seamlessly take control of each other’s devices and pleasure each other to no end! This is one of the most realistic experiences that men can experience in the world of adult webcams. That is why the segment is also worth a lot of money. You really need to have this act as part of your armory if you are serious about making a name for yourself in the galaxy of live cam girls out there! Intimacy is what the online connoisseur craves, and if you deliver it to him, he can make you rich beyond your dreams!

Coming to the logistics of the performance, we advise you to ask the client to pair the Keon and not any other sex toy for men. The reason for this is because its effectiveness in bringing your man to orgasm is second to none. After all, a private show where the viewer doesn’t climax is undoubtedly the one he did not get his money’s worth. If that happens, he isn’t going to come back and spend alone time with you! Now, you would not want to lose one of your regular high spenders due to such reasons, would you?

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Fuck machines can be a real turn-on, too!

These are exciting toys for single performers and can help you fill gaps in your routine. They are ideal for delivering a ‘point of view’ sensation to the viewers and can be the ‘something extra’ you offer in your private shows. Some in the audience really love to see dicks pounding vaginas with all they’ve got! Hearing you moan with intense satisfaction is something they’d like to do to you in real life! Here, the machine is their friend, as it makes you reach the ultimate stage of orgasm. Men would ideally like to have this as an intimate experience and will come up with the cash to take the raunchy interaction to a private show. These machines can keep going for as long as they desire, only constrained by your capacity to handle the pounding! The plus side is that you can charge an additional amount for all this extra effort on your side. The device we would recommend in the category is the Shockspot, as it is tailored for camming.

Some enjoy the sight of your breasts bouncing and hair flying all over the place as you ride away to glory! Many readers will recall the legendary Sybian of yore that was used in porn videos! Now, the tech has become a little more sophisticated and can add an extra zing to the whole experience. Our choice here is the ‘Cowgirl‘ device, which offers all the advantages of an interconnected interaction, as users can control the ride virtually!

Apart from these, there is a whole universe of toys waiting to be explored, if you so wish!

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The interactive world of sex toys on the free live sex cams!

The interactive world of sex toys on the free live sex cams!

In our plethora of well-received blog posts on the camming niche, we have talked in bits and pieces about the use of sex toys in the world of free live sex cams. According to us, this aspect is way too important to be dealt with in a piecemeal manner. In the next series of blogs on our site, we will deal with sex toys and their application in a live cam show.

The basics

When you’re using a sex toy, you need to be mindful of aspects such as cost, quality, and cleanliness so that they can fulfill their purpose. We would advise you to start with a basic model from a reputed brand, instead of cheap knockoffs made from harmful materials that can lead to skin irritation and other issues. Remember to ensure cleanliness and hygiene so that your sex toys can provide pleasure to you and your audience for a long time! While you can use sophisticated cleaners for the same, reasonably warm water and a bit of soap can also do the job. Finally, ensure that you store these instruments properly to safeguard your own privacy and increase the device’s longevity. We know that these are quite basic instructions, but following them will make your life a whole lot easier!

The next thing to do is display all of these toys in front of the audience on the camera. You haven’t bought these to keep them inside a closet, have you? If your viewers want you to use a particular sex toy, they only have to go to the chatbox, check the tip menu, and make the required tip. If they have any clarifications, they can ask you for the same, but seeing the toy on the screen shows them that you are willing to play! This saves a lot of time for both the performers and the audience as they have to spend less time chatting and can focus more on the pleasure aspect! Let us now move to the segments of suitable toys for your use on a live cam show.

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The reasons for the ubiquity of interactive sex toys

If you have done your research on the world of free live adult cams, you know that almost every performer worth her salt uses interactive sex toys. While these kinky devices were initially designed for people in long-distance relationships, they have been quickly co-opted by the adult webcam industry. In the future, these devices are expected to evolve further, with one of the proposed designs allowing users to control such sex toys through their minds! Let us examine the reasons for their prevalence before exploring the features of the most popular sex toys among live cam hotties!

Most men have the fantasy and the burning desire to provide satisfaction to the opposite sex, giving them a sense of fulfillment! Porn has always tried to tap this desire, but the world of camming has taken it to the next level. Users can have an intimate connection with the live cam girls, and they are willing to loosen their purse strings for this feeling. It can be quite rightly said that the interactive sex toy revolutionized the free cam show, and how!

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How do these devices operate?

First, let us define what we mean by ‘interactive’ in this context. It means that another person can remotely control the toy without touching it in real life. Thus, it allows him or her to remotely ‘play’ with the performer’s body using the toy! With this device, users can provide ‘pleasure’ to the model through the tips they make! The more considerable the amount, the more pleasure models seem to derive from it! For the performer, these toys provide a means to seamlessly monetize their free cam show. We can say that it is a win-win for both the audience and the live cam girls! Not only does it make the performance more comfortable to manage, but it also gives them a sense of pleasure. We will talk about these aspects in detail when we deal with specific toys.

The queen of sex toys!

Now, let us come to the most popular sex toy of them all, the Lovesense Lush! Most adult webcam performers swear by this product! It also has competitors such as Kiiroo Esca/ Pearl and a whole load of cheaper counterparts, but it is the standout product in its segment! It is a Bluetooth-based vibrator, and also so much more! We don’t want to sound like we have been paid to promote this product, but we need to explain the reasons for its popularity.

One of the main reasons is that the device offers a very intuitive and easy to manage interface so that even novice users can easily program the device. You can set levels of tips, goals, vibration levels, and sync with the cam platform you are broadcasting on. Doing so means that you don’t have to spend loads of time on these things, and can just concentrate on the job at hand! Thus, you can focus on improving the quality and sex appeal of your naked live cam broadcast while letting the device handle the rest!

Many games such as Keno and dice can be set up through this device, making your broadcast a fun place for the audience! Visit Lovesense’s setup guides for more information on the same! For performers who want even more pleasure, the rabbit vibrator Nora is an option due to its ability to rotate and pulsate even more vigorously. All in all, for beginners in the webcam sex space, the Lush can prove to be a good investment.

With this, we conclude our post on interactive sex toys. In the next one, we will discuss more devices in this space!

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